Atlus releasing new RPG Gungnir in 2012 for... PSP?

The PSP may be facing its final hours, but at least one more studio still has faith in Sony's (soon-to-be) last-gen handheld. This week, Atlus revealed it's releasing a brand new tactical RPG called Gungnir next June, and it's delivered a trailer to prove it:

Developed by Sting, creators of the strategy-heavy game Knights in the Nightmare, Gungnir will arrive June 12, 2012 as an exclusive to PSP—which will by that point be the PlayStation Vita's last-gen predecessor.

In it, players will join ranks with a motley crew of resistance fighters and wield a magical spear against their tyrannical oppressors. The game's battles will play out in standard turn-based format, however Sting promises a few twists in the form of a risk/reward system that will allow players to mix up their attack speeds for various results.

By the time Gungnir arrives in North America, the PS Vita will have already been out for nearly four months. Atlus' dedication to the PSP is respectable, but unless it embraces the digital format as well as UMD, it may not get the attention it deserves. Will you give Gungnir a chance?

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