13 million MapleStory users hacked in Korea, Nexon plans to tighten security

Last week MapleStory, the huge free-to-play MMO, was hacked by online troublemakers, with the crime involving more than a third of the game’s South Korean user base. Since a staggering 18 million people play it in the country, roughly 13 million players accounts were compromised in the attack. But MapleStory publisher Nexon was quick to mention non-Korean users should be fine.

The company apologized for last week’s hacking that lead to the personal info of millions to be leaked. After mentioning that security had been increased since then, Nexon detailed why players outside of Korea shouldn’t worry: “We operate separate servers in each country. Only Korean users' information was affected.” All the same, we’re hoping Nexon’s security increase following this issue is global instead of confined to Korea.

Source: Yahoo News, Korea Herald

Henry Gilbert

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