The Top 7... Girl-on-girl kisses

What's hotter than watching a cute princess kiss a fat, middle-aged plumber? Well, anything really, but given the headline above, the answer should be obvious: watching a cute princess kiss another cute princess. It's sexy, it's vaguely taboo and it's pleasantly devoid of bristling mustaches and lingering sewage odors.

It's much more common to see girl-on-girl kisses in other media, but it happens in games more often than you'd think. To prove it to you, we've collected the very best ones and ranked them in ascending order of hotness. Still don't believe us after reading the article? Then hit play below and load up "Top 7 Girls kissing girls" to see them all in motion. (Warning: definitely not safe for work, and full of spoilers to boot.)


In the meantime, let's start with the basics:

7. Kitana and Mileena's fatalities (Mortal Kombat II - 1993 - Arcade, SNES, Genesis, et al)

Kiss me deadly: Kitana leans in to show her twin sister some love. Not shown: gore explosion

This was where it all began - the first girl-on-girl kiss in mainstream videogame history. Unlike Sonya Blade's teasing, fiery blown-kiss fatality from Mortal Kombat, the sequel featured two hot ninja babes who weren't afraid to get up close and bare it all ("it all" meaning "their faces") for a chaste little peck on the cheek. Better still, twin sisters Kitana and Mileena would even kiss each other. Oh man, would they kiss each other. Like sisters. Who are kissing in front of their grandma.

Of course, this was 1993, and "kissing" was something reserved for girly princesses in pretty pink frocks. So if you kissed someone in a game, it had damn well better kill them somehow. In Mileena's case, she'd use the kiss as a shallow excuse to inhale her sister whole before turning away to vomit a storm of femurs. Kitana's kiss, meanwhile, made Mileena balloon rapidly before she exploded in a shower of intestines, more femurs, ribcages and probably even a few skulls.

More visceral than sexy, sure, but the industry had to start somewhere.


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