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  • Kamdoodle - July 9, 2014 1:43 p.m.

    Something that I think many people would enjoy is the ability to be a police officer. Something's you might be able to do are pulling people over, responding to gang fights or robberies. Other stuff may include random shootouts, demestic abuse situations, and calls on water in the police boats. These things I would enjoy and I think many others would too.
  • superdragon640 - June 30, 2014 6:44 a.m.

    New and different kinds of weapons would be great aswell more cars and more customizations for them cars. You should be able to put a lot more mods on the cars. You should be able to change the engines of your cars from four cylinders to v8s supercharged and turbos. Racing modifications and different ranges of cars things from old fords to new supercars you should be able to get drag bikes and drag cars. Rat rods hatchbacks stretched cars and definately actual jobs you can do to make extra money. Seasons would be great snow and tornados. Real damage to your cars and buildings definately an in car camera for when your driving. You should be able to get parking fines and speeding tickets bigger garages aswell you should be able to get pets and have a family and with the new generation of consoles out the graphics should be even more improved and last but definately not least the three main characters were great but i think the next step is more five characters six seven maybe even eight if thats possibe thats my say thanks for reading
  • superdragon640 - June 30, 2014 6:28 a.m.

    I think they need more houses you can buy and more garages for your cars. I think a female character would be good and the same with traveling to other countries
  • Beatrix_Kiddo - June 27, 2014 9:46 p.m.

    There are some suggestions in this article that I think would never work, like having a character be POTUS and the setting being another continent, not to mention the craziness that would be a sci-fi plot. Here are my suggestions: - I agree that there should be a female main character. Anyone who doesn't also doesn't get the point of the franchise. As this article mentioned, the themes of GTA V were very machismo but that's only the case with that particular game. The themes of the franchise overall (violence, rising up in the criminal ranks, overcoming unfortunate events) are not gender specific. Women don't deal with those things often, but they sometimes do and as a female player (and not the only one), I'd like to see that reflected in GTA. All I ask is that she not be a hooker. - I also agree that the multiple-protagonist structure should be continued, mainly because of the fact that not doing so would feel like a downgrade to so many players. The other benefits of it are touched on in the article. - Another suggestion in this article I think is good: Introducing a new location. The other ones are played out for sure. Like I said, it needs to be somewhere in North America, because leaving the continent would feel too uncharacteristic of the games. Chicago, Atlanta, or New Orleans would be good (particularly Chicago, because it's plagued with gang activity). I do think that if they chose that city, they would have to offer a solution to the problem within the game because at one point, kids were dying on an almost daily basis and I don't think it would be right to feature their city without offering a solution. Also, all of the protagonists would have to be Black or Latino because of Chicago's demographics, unless one of them was a cop. Which brings me to the next suggestion I agree with. - Introducing new kinds of jobs. For example, having one of the characters be a cop while the rest are criminals as usual would be interesting. Also, someone could be a fast food worker, a small business owner, really any job as long as it hasn't been done before. - As far as my own ideas, firstly, I don't think there should be a single building that can't be entered. Even if there's not much to do or see in some of them, I would enjoy driving around knowing I could enter every building I see. That's obviously asking a lot, but I think it'd be worth it. - I also want to see the feature of being able to talk to pedestrians brought back. This time they could implement actual phrases that you can say and allow you to have actual conversations. That basically concludes my ideas. I'm also not entirely opposed to a 70s time period. I'm just not sure how that would work as far as cars go, because they wouldn't be as modern and cool.
  • DapperJay - June 26, 2014 3:31 p.m.

    Wishlist for GTA 6: Main Characters - The idea of having more than one protagonist is a great idea and including a female character would be nice in terms of equality and all of that. However, if they are to make a female character, please don't make her into a Kill Bill type or one you'd find in Orange is The New Black. Make her...a female. Not some super spy, but not a ditsy blonde. Make her more like a lawyer type, a girl that's smooth and sexy. Also, lets get some more diversity. There was one Black playable character and he was the stereotypical "gangsta". How about a more well-rounded Black person? A Fresh Prince type? A Barack type? How about we add an Asian character? A Hispanic? Doing all of this will reach to an even broader audience and make the game more interesting. Also, if the characters could connect with each other more perhaps, that'd be fun. Minor Characters and Citizens - Can we have different looking people? It becomes weird when you pass by two people who look EXACTLY alike (unless they're twins?). Also, more interactive minor characters, ones you may partner up with and maybe even become best friends where you can call THEM (and not them just calling you all the time) and invite THEM out for fun. Having a partner is always fun, whether it's online or offline. Also, better interactions with normal people who walk by, ability to perhaps even turn them in a girlfriend or friend or whatever by talking with them (of course through choices given), but that will all depend on your own self. Vehicles - More vehicles, better customization, vehicle stats (speed, maneuvering, strength, if there is heat on the vehicle, how the upgrades/customization betters the vehicle, etc.), proof of ownership if you bought it, notifications of where and what parts need fixing, and ability to put things in/on vehicles. Attributes/Skills/Perks/Things Learned - Make it like "Sims". You have your own attributes, like strengths and weaknesses, like being a neat person, but then you're also paranoid or something like that. Reading books or being taught will boost your skills in that area and perks can be picked up through trial and error or again, learning. It will help make it interesting in terms of how you interact with people and the environment and vice-versa. Which leads me into my next wish... Modes - Different modes in the game. There should be a "Story Mode" and a "Free-Roam Mode". In "Story Mode", it follows the main characters and their stories like in GTA 5, complete with cut-scenes and unique dialogue. In "Free-Roam Mode", you should be able to create your own character in your likeness, similar to how you can in "Sims", "Fallout", "Skyrim", and the list goes on. In "Free-Roam Mode", you can still complete missions and such, there just won't be any cut scenes or animation unless it's done like in "Fallout" where no matter what you're wearing, your character in that likeness shows up in the programmed interactions (like initiating a mission). And maybe, just for the hell of it, include a "Zombie Mode" or something, something fun for us to do. Map - Obviously the map should be made EVEN BIGGER than in GTA 5. However, there should also be multiple cities that you can travel to. There should be cities like NY, Chicago, Miami, LA, and Las Vegas that you can travel to. Also, cities/countries OUTSIDE of the US like Paris, London, Japan, Hong Kong, would be awesome to include too, where you can only get to those places by commercial (or personal) airplane (obviously, unless you could fly or teleport). Of course, each city/country should look completely different with different looking people (doesn't have to be that much if they're US cities, but outside like in Paris, then yes) and interactions (such as going to Japan. You should have to know how to speak Japanese at some level [attributes, skills, perks, things learned] otherwise you can't interact with people). This is how you make an open world more open. Also, as far as buildings go, make more places accessible! You should be able to enter buildings and do things! Activities - Be able to do more things. Be able to play basketball, football, soccer, and other sports. Be able to do heists in case you're low on money. More things to do! Jobs - Make it possible to get a job, an honest living. Perhaps you want to be a store clerk. That would mean you have to walk around the store, clean up spills on the floor, man the register, and keep thieves away. There should be multiple jobs with multiple perks all based on your skills and education, like in "Sims". Food - It's stupid that you go into a convenience store and you can't buy a Snickers bar. Why not? Make that possible as well as cooking and having to have food (again, like in "Sims"). Wanted - Make it easier to escape the police as well as less stars for petty crimes. They shouldn't be up your ass, because that's unrealistic. That's all I can think up for now. This is my wishlist. Love or not. :)
  • jamal-landry - June 24, 2014 1:59 p.m.

    They should take some ideas from scar face the world is your an yes i think they should let us b able to do damage to the building an destroy more stuff
  • dontmakelemonade - June 21, 2014 7:15 a.m.

    I would love to see a female lead character. And as ridiculous as this may sound, I would like to be able to enter more buildings. I don't really care if there is anything to do in them (though I would enjoy that) I mostly just want all the shops to have doors you can go through rather than doors that just act as walls. If said feature is added then it would also be interesting if you could break into the other houses and find secret stashes of money and stuff like that. Oh, and I realize that they did this with GTA V, but please, just get rid of that five-star-if-you-go-where-your-not-supposed-to-go-yet bull shit entirely. Who the fuck wants an open world game if you can only explore part of the map?
  • wolfkomoki - June 19, 2014 8:44 p.m.

    I agree with a female protagonist. Seasons would be nice. Police missions should come back. Different taxi drivers. Ability to reply to text messages.
  • deadlyreaper17 - June 18, 2014 10:58 p.m.

    I think the only differences they should make is a lot more different cars. make it where you can walk in to almost every building like in saints row you can rob a store just by point a gun at them and leaving it on them or you could crack a safe. and make it where you can break buildings if you crash your car into it make it break but don't make it a cheesy break make it like the game red faction guerilla nice breakable buildings and then a day later they can have a construction crew out there building a completely different building. and say you bought that construction crew then we can be putting cash in our pockets while having a hell of a time and one more thing QUIT SKIPPING PAST THE SEX SCENES AND SEX FUN THAT WE MAKE THE GAME IS RATED M FOR CRYING OUT LOUD IF WERE PLAYING A GAME THAT ALOWS MURDER, ROBBERY, CUSSING AND A BUNCH OF OTHER BAD THINGS WHATS A LITTLE SEX GONNA HURT??????? ALOMST EVERYONE THAT PLAYS THIS GAME IS OLDER THAN 15 AND SHIT IM PRETTY SURE THAT WE ALL KNOW WHAT A GIRL LOOKS LIKE NAKED. you stepped it up in gta 5 showing us the tits and then lowered the bar when that's all we get to see but ohhhhh no we get to see mens dicks out in the desert raping fully clothed women. I MEAN WTF 90% OF THE PEOPLE THAT PLAY THIS GAME ARE GUYS YOU THINK WE WANNA SEE DICKS???? SHOW US THE PUSSY SHOW US THE SEX. I thought I got lucky in gta 5 when micheal and jimmy raced on bikes to the pier and found out that I had to swim to a yacht were a porno was gonna be made but nooooooo. anyways just step it up dude half the crap on gta 5 is the same shit from the first gta seriously I mean look at other freeroam games- in fallout 3 you get to blow up a fucking town with an a-bomb I mean seriously its fun to blow shit up. in gta san andreas I would put in the lock wanted level cheat so I couldn't raise my wanted level and I would stand by a highway and start blowing up cars and causing them to crash into eachother its fun to blow shit up maybe let us blow up a skyscraper and watch it fall down into the street killing tons of ppl and even knocking over another skyscraper and then what happens you ask the ceo of that building hires my construction company to build another skyscraper for a shitload of money I mean I would play this game for months after I beat the main quest if I could do all this shit but sadly after I beat the main quest I am gonna fet bored with it soon enough sure I might play it a month or two later nut then its gonna sit there for another two months. just take it into consideration to change the shit before you make it suck ass like gta 4. seriously make it happen.
  • Skullcrusher123 - June 25, 2014 8:20 a.m.

    I agree with DeadlyReaper17. There should be more cars and sex. I also would love to have a female lead character.
  • gtalover6 - June 18, 2014 10:44 p.m.

    they should make gta6 have seasons so theres like actually like snow and tornados and stuff like that.
  • gtalover6 - June 18, 2014 8:41 p.m.

    they should make it to where were able to be cops and also have normal jobs for extra money like a side job. and when you get arrested you should have to actually be in jail for like a few days.
  • gtalover6 - June 18, 2014 8:34 p.m.

    I think that they should make cars be able to have blinkers and you should be able to see in the car when driving like the wheel and radio and ect. they also should let the guys get girlfriends and get married and have kids, go through the pregnancy and have them grow into adults.
  • MdineroS13 - June 15, 2014 1:55 a.m.

    Well in gta 6 it should at least be in Miami that would be cool because it's all about money and you should put gangster in the game like put some low riders in the game too and it should be more about gangsters also you should be able to go to Cuba that would also be cool and don't add no girls in gta that would just ruin the whole game and you should add more cheat codes like the ones in gta San Andreas
  • myles-odum - June 12, 2014 9:13 p.m.

    I would like to see a local multiplayer on this game. I would like to be able to play as a cop.
  • jethro-gibbs - June 2, 2014 10:18 a.m.

    I would like to see the ability to place sticky bombs on power towers or wind turbines and watch them fall when blown up. Building to, actual damage to objects.
  • narcis-gherasim - May 29, 2014 5:50 p.m.

    The way you drive the car should be closer to dynamics in real life! At least 3 fighting styles for example Tae Kwon Do,Boxing and Krav Maga.Bigger map.Houses instead of apartments! More options for when you are in the car,for example turning engine on/off instead of switching lights,a inside view of the car while driving like in test drive! Car accidents should be more realistic,like adding airbags and more car components flying around when on impact! Basically everything about driving should be closer to reality! I think that we should be able to make our own character,like in gta online,so there will be no more complaints.About what cars and weapons should be in the game.. I really think that cars that we really want but arent in the game should be available on DLC ,the same for weapons. Also adding things like marriage having kids, and a few honest jobs(we already had taxi driver)! And the big thing...adding police side missions will be really great,or even better CIA or DEA missions.. Or at least being able to help a cop while he chase the suspect without having a wanted level! Also people reaction should be more realistic.. I mean you'll never stand in fromt of someone and after 10 sec he calls the police.. Also all what people is saying are swearings and insults! People in gta never have real conversations.. too much swearing.. It isnt funny its just stupid! I mean when you walk on the street all you can hear is "iho de puta piece of shit cabron" or "nigga fuck you imma bust yo ass" or "shiiiiiit" or "i had to fuck a guy to bla bla bla..." EVERYBODY IS FUCKING swearing :/ ! that aint no real!
  • GTALover4LIFE - May 26, 2014 1:48 a.m.

    i would love to see the characters from the previous gta games in gta6 even having to bring them back from the dead and also bring all the cities and cars from the past gta games in gta 6 GTA 5: -Trevor -Ron -Wade -Floyd -Michael -Amanda -Jimmy -Tracey -Franklin -Lamar -Denise -Chop the dog GTA 4: -Niko -Kate -Roman -Mallorie -Little Jacob -Elizabeta -Packie -Brucie The Lost and Damned: -Johnny -Ash (Johnny's girlfriend) -terry -Clay The Ballad of Gay Tony: -Louise -Gay Tony -Armando -Henrique -Yusuf -Louise's Mom San Andreas: -Carl Johnson all of those characters would be awesome to see in gta6, living and all the previous characters and cars will be in their own city and home town. all the cars from previous gta games will spawn in their own city like all the cars in gta4 in the Liberty City map including the extra cars from tlad and tbogt, all cars in gta5 with be in Los Santos map. and have over 1000 new cars in gta6. bring back both models of turismo cars, bobcat ute, jester, alpha, blista, feltzer and example turismo from gta4 and gta5 that their both 2 different models. i would love to see alot of different cars in gta6 more than ever so it doesnt get boring driving the same old boring cars over and over again because it gets boring driving the same 200 cars or how ever many is in gta5
  • GTALover4LIFE - May 23, 2014 2:45 a.m.

    i would like the medal achievement thing to not be in gta6, when u finish a story mission u get grade with a bronze, silver or gold medal. because it ruins the whole game, because its hard to get 100% in missions doing it all perfectly. i also love to have the lock trophy's thing off when you do cheats, like when you do a cheat, the trophy's will be locked. and its annoying having to reload the game to unlock the trophy thingy.
  • GTALover4LIFE - May 22, 2014 7:57 p.m.

    i would love to have the ability to have 2 shot guns in each hand or 2 pistols or 2 smg's in each hand like in gta san andreas, and or have 2 different guns in each hand, like a pistol in one hand and a shot gun in the other or a pistol and a knife in each hand, or an ax and shot gun in each hand, or any light small gun or blade/sharp weapons in each hand.

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