Ahead of Diablo 4's season of loot changes, Blizzard teases other system reworks "similar in scope" and says it's "very open to revisiting other parts of the game"

Diablo 4
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Diablo 4 season 4's upcoming loot overhaul probably won't be the action-RPG's final major system rework.

In case you missed it, Blizzard is making sweeping and foundational changes to itemization in Diablo 4. I won't go over every granular change here as there are simply too many to list, but Blizzard has said the broad goal is to prioritize "quality over quantity" and help you "get your build going quicker." While season 4 will add some seasonal content, the bulk of the forthcoming update will also impact your eternal characters, so it could be a good time to let some of your older builds stretch their legs.

To understand the scope of this loot overhaul, just consider that Blizzard felt it warranted Diablo 4's first public test realm letting everyone try out the changes before they were added into the full game. Even so, lead producer Tim Ismay recently told GamesRadar+ that Blizzard is likely to introduce more system reworks of a similar scale.

"We are for sure actively discussing, if not directly working on, additional systems we want to add to the game in the future, which we think will make it an even more robust experience, similar in scope to what we've been doing for Season 4 with itemization," he said. "We're very open to revisiting other parts of the game in the same way."

Ismay didn't go into any further detail about what's being discussed internally, but itemization was one of the community's key pain points alongside issues like loadouts, dungeon design, and lack of endgame content. Only time will tell which component will get chopped up next.

Diablo 4 Season 4 plans to "preserve the things that felt overpowered" from the PTR - as long as they don't "literally crash the game."

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