Videolink SFX174

Another month, another selection of our favourite crazy internet videos...

Charlie the Unicorn

A moody unicorn named Charlie and his squeaky voiced friends go on a trip to Candy Mountain. Quite honestly one of the most terrifying videos we’ve ever seen on YouTube. And we’ve watched a lot. Link

Terrahawks: "SOS"

An ’80s pop video for “SOS”, a spin-off single for Terrahawks performed by Kate Kestrel, aka Moya Griffi ths. Not something we can adequately describe – you’ll have to watch it. This has been Ian’s 2008 highlight. Link

Servalan Sings Pink Floyd

Footage of Blake’s 7’s Servalan cut together with “The Great Gig in the Sky”. Make sure you watch the whole thing as there’s a top twist at the end… Link

The Trons

One for gadget-lovers, this. The Trons are a self-playing robot band, created through the power of clever engineering. The tune’s pretty cool too, although it’s a shame the “vocals” are a bit weak. Link

How to Defeat a Zombie Army

A horde of headcrab zombies, a Half-Life scientist with a heavily modified vehicle, and a soundtrack of “Don’t Stop Me Now”. A bit infantile, but ridiculously funny too. Link

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