Where to find a Fortnite Quadcrasher and cause some vehicular destruction


As the latest addition to the Fortnite vehicle roster, the Fortnite Quadcrasher is a terrifying beast to be reckoned with. Basically a two-seater quad bike with a plough mounted on the front, the Quadcrasher packs a secret punch - a rocket boost that allows it to smash through any structure you ram into. Trees, buildings, opponent's constructions; nothing is safe once you get the Quadcrasher up to speed. There's also the added bonus that the rocket boost can be used to navigate up steep slopes, or launch off the top to perform some fancy stunts.

Where to find the Fortnite Quadcrashers

As with other vehicles in the game, the Quadcrasher will randomly spawn in a number of locations across the Fortnite map. There's normally plenty of them to go around, and although they won't always be in the same place every time, the areas marked on this map are the ones you'll often find them in:

The Quadcrashers are usually found in car parks, building driveways, or on the back of trailers. Once you've found one, hop on the back and fire up the rocket boost, then get ready to cause some serious vehicular destruction.

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