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FIFA 20 update 1.04 patch notes: nothing for career mode, but some neat gameplay tweaks

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First, the bad FIFA 20 update 1.04 news: the well-documented bugs which triggered a #fixcareermode hashtag on Twitter haven’t been resolved. Scroll down the page for our original report on that, with an explanation direct from EA on why you’ll have to wait for a fix. Now the good: this patch brings a suite of improvements across other FIFA 20 modes. Beginning with the on-pitch action…

FIFA 20 update 1.04: Gameplay

Masses of tiny tweaks here, including an upgrade to the on-the-ball abilities of players rated 80 or higher for Balance, Ability and Dribbling. Keepers get a boost too. They push the ball further away from the goal when making a save in order to decrease the probability of a rebound tap-in, and are better at reacting to penalties blasted straight down the middle. (Previously they’d often let these in, even if you chose to stand still.) The effectiveness of lofted passes has been toned down, and the ‘contain’ and ‘secondary contain’ tactics have been made a little less cheaty. 

A selection of bugs have been addressed too. Offsides being called incorrectly - realistic as they might seem! - have been eliminated, low driven shots are no longer useless when under pressure from a defender, and kick-offs where your pass would go straight to the opposition are gone. 

For a deep dive into the patch’s on-field changes, check out the official EA deep dive

FIFA 20 update 1.04: Volta

FIFA 20 Volta tips:

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Want more goals in EA’s new five-a-side mode? EA is listening, and have slightly reduced goalkeepers’ reflexes to make it a touch easier to score. This change has the greatest effect from close range, which seems a sensible call. Dribbling near a wall is more precise, and work has been done to ensure players use the correct animation when attempting to block a shot at goal. The Y formation is also tweaked, so that outfield players give their keeper clearer passing options when he regains possession.

Minor adjustments to the FIFA 20 soundtrack order have also been made to ensure that it’s less repetitive when you’re playing Volta. 

FIFA update 1.04: Ultimate Team 

Lots of miniscule-but-key changes have been made to the Ultimate Team UI, making it more responsive and easier to navigate. For example, the mini-map on the squad screen now shows which position you are currently selecting, and also includes subs and reserves. 20 new 2D portraits are added to FUT player cards - EA doesn’t specify which! - and bugs involving manager names appearing incorrectly, and the ‘create new squad’ option going missing, are fixed.

FIFA update 1.04: General 

A real pick ’n mix here - so let’s do these in list form:

- In Pro Clubs, an issue where you’d choose to be a winger only to be displayed as an LM or RM has been fixed.
- Skill games across the entire game have had their difficulty tuned due to player feedback.
- Both commentary pairings - Tyler & Smith, and Rae & Dixon - are now selectable for use in FUT Rivals matches.
- FIFA 20 player faces for Eden Hazard and Raheem Sterling have been updated.
- Lighting issues, such as shadows falling in the wrong place depending on the time of day, are largely removed.

A comprehensive list of every major and minor fix can be found on the official EA forums.

FIFA update 1.04: Career mode

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Just the one: EA has fixed a schedule congestion issue impacting Calcio B teams. Yeah, not the best start to the year where career mode is concerned. Read on for our original story on this patch, covering the reasons for it not receiving a more in-depth fix.

[ORIGINAL STORY - posted 30/9/19]: FIFA 20’s first post-launch patch is on the way, but a well-documented career bug – as detailed in our FIFA 20 review – won’t be fixed just yet, according to EA. 

The bug sees teams putting out weakened line-ups for some fixtures, often including reserve and youth team players. It’s led to a #fixcareermode hashtag trending on Twitter, and pressed developer EA Canada into an immediate response. 

“While we have made improvements this year to lineup selections, especially with respect to how the team is chosen when formation changes are made, we have also heard the feedback that people are still seeing situations where a weaker starting 11 is chosen than should be,” says community engagement specialist Gabriel Zaro in an official FAQ

“We are currently investigating a fix that will allow for better accuracy when determining match importance and how it relates to the AI line-up algorithm. We need to also ensure that any changes in this area do not have a negative impact in other Career Mode systems.”

Note the words, “investigating a fix.” That means the studio needs time to get to the base of the issue before it can attempt to resolve it - and with patch 1.03 expected in the next few days, we’re likely looking at patch 1.04 or 1.05 for meaningful career mode changes. 

Also on the list of career mode issues being assessed are strong teams struggling in the league and sometimes being relegated; congested fixture lists; some strange questions being asked in interactive pre-match press conferences; and editing players causing them to have their default positions changed. 

The game has already been patched once, a week prior to release. However, FIFA 20 patch 1.02 only addressed a single issue, found within the new Volta mode. To quote the statement from EA which accompanied it: “[Fixed] some players getting into a state where their Avatar would not receive Attribute or Skill Point progression following a match, and where they would be unable to recruit a player after winning a match.”

FIFA 20 is out now. Sticking with career mode despite its teething problems? Then you need our guide to the FIFA 20 best young strikers.

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