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Black Friday gaming deals 2021 - here's what to expect for this year's mega-sale

Black Friday gaming deals
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Although Black Friday gaming deals are always worth a look, 2021's offerings should be a bit better than the ones we got last year. Alongside the high-profile game launches we've enjoyed over the last few months, next-gen accessories now have a full year under their belt so are prime candidates for a discount. And despite console stock still being an issue across the board, it's better than it was in 2020.

We've also got our fingers crossed that all things PS4 and Xbox One will see cuts with the industry transitioning to a newer PlayStation and Xbox. Due to the old systems being phased out (you'll be lucky if you can find one nowadays), last-gen gear like controllers and headsets should hopefully get significant reductions as retailers try to clear stock in the Black Friday gaming deals.

To get you ready for sales season, we've got a few tips on making the most of the Black Friday gaming deals below. Yes, we know that the event itself is still months away. However, there's never any harm in getting ahead - especially because shipping is likely to be dicey as we march toward the Holidays.

Where will I find the best Black Friday gaming deals?


Amazon: Usually the best for gaming discounts overall
Dell: Offers a surprising variety of laptop discounts
Best Buy: Offers surprisingly good PC peripheral deals
Walmart: Good for general console game discounts
Microsoft: Great for cheap Xbox games and accessories
CDKeys: Heavy discounts on PC games
Newegg: Excellent for PC components
Gamestop: Regularly offers console bundles and merch discounts


Amazon: Traditionally the most reliable for variety and price-cuts
Dell: Good for variety and powerful gaming laptop builds
Currys: Great for Switch console bundles and general game deals
Very: Regular discounts on games, consoles, and accessories
Argos: Low prices often with same day delivery
The Game Collection: Frequently has some of the best game prices
CDKeys: Some of the best prices going on PC games
Game: Big savings on merch and pre-owned games

Black Friday gaming deals - what to expect

Black Friday gaming deals

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When will the Black Friday gaming deals start?

You'll be able to take advantage of Black Friday gaming deals at the end of November. More specifically, the sales are officially taking place this November 26. They'll be followed by Cyber Monday on November 29.

However, don't expect that to be your lot in terms of worthwhile discounts. Black Friday gets going at least a week before the official kick-off, so there should be plenty of savings coming your way from mid-November onward.  

The best reductions will probably be held back for Black Friday itself (as is the case for most tech, including Black Friday laptop deals), but that isn't to say you won't get money off before the chaos ensues. Broadly speaking, products don't tend to drop further in price once they've been reduced in the run-up to Black Friday. 

What will the best Black Friday gaming deals be?

While games themselves get plenty of great Black Friday gaming deals, accessories receive the lion's share. Headsets, hard drives, and more are typically cut by huge amounts during the sale, and that makes it the best time to grab any peripherals you've had your eye on.

Laptops are also worthy contenders. These machines receive some of the most noteworthy discounts, and those reductions are available everywhere from Amazon to Newegg. Considering the high price of the best gaming laptops to start with, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to buy them.

Black Friday gaming deals

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There are usually some good Nintendo Switch bundles too. While these are snapped up fast and don't always include the very latest games, they're excellent value for money and make the perfect starter set for Nintendo's console.

The best offers might be on subscription services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass, though. These always seem to get money off toward the end of November, and it's a great opportunity to renew your membership - or start a new one - ahead of the new year.

Will there be PS5 and Xbox Series X Black Friday gaming deals?

Discounts on PS5 or Xbox Series X games and accessories are a given for this year's Black Friday gaming deals, but we wouldn't count on reductions for the consoles themselves (they're selling much too well for that). 

However, there is a very real possibility that we'll get a PS5 restock or Xbox Series X restock during the sales event. Even though they'll still be hard to find in a few months' time due to the same old component shortages, we tend to get a drop for both systems at least once a week so can imagine retailers getting something to sell over that time-period. Just don't expect them to last long... 

Today's best gaming deals

Black Friday gaming deals

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You don't need to wait for Black Friday gaming deals if you want to save on tech. There are plenty of good offers floating around right now, and we've rounded up some of the best ones for you below. That includes each major platform (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC) and some accessories to go with them.


If there's one thing you can count on from Amazon and co, it's (admittedly modest) game discounts. We've gathered all the savings that are available for 2021's must-have titles here, and our bargain-hunting software is always on the lookout for the lowest prices. 

Because that list features big hitters that only arrived recently like Deathloop or Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (to say nothing of remakes such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition), discounts are rare. This makes any reduction you can find worth pouncing on.

Gaming headsets

The best gaming headsets can be expensive to say the least, so reductions are always welcome at any time of the year - it doesn't have to be Black Friday. With that in mind, you'll find offers on some of the best PS4 headsets, the best Xbox One headsets, and the best Nintendo Switch headsets below.

Want something geared toward the new consoles, on the other hand? No problem. Some of the entries below will fit the bill, and you can find more options in our guides to the best PS5 headsets and the best Xbox Series X headsets.

Hard drives

Now that you can use additional PS5 SSD sticks to boost the memory of your console, these handy bits of tech - and more traditional hard drives - are going to get a lot of action over the course of the Black Friday gaming deals. Especially because they're known for getting big discounts over the sales period.

Want to know where you should focus your attention? Alongside the deals listed below, we'd recommend checking in with our guides to the top PS5 external hard drives, the best Xbox Series X external hard drives, and the best SSD for gaming overall. If you want to stick to your older machines, on the other hand, you can find extra storage via our PS4 external hard drives, Xbox One external hard drives, and PS4 SSD deal pages.


Controllers are essential bits of kit no matter what system you're using, but they've only gone up in price over the last few years. Because extra Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are kinda crucial for multiplayer (and a small number of DualSense thumbsticks have been known to drift in the past), being able to get them on the cheap isn't an opportunity to miss.

Luckily, the Black Friday gaming deals often feature discounts on handsets of all kinds. If you want to get cheap Nintendo Switch controllers, cheap PS4 controllers, or cheap Xbox One controllers for less (to say nothing of the best PC controllers), November is your time to strike.

To whet your appetite, we've listed a few offers below.

The Black Friday gaming deals aren't going to be the only good offers this November - you can also look forward to plenty of Black Friday board game deals and Black Friday Lego deals. Thanks to the event's track record of good tech discounts, the Black Friday Samsung TV deals, Black Friday curved monitor deals, Black Friday projector deals, and Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X monitor deals should also be worth a look. Don't forget peripherals, either; the Black Friday gaming headset deals, Black Friday PS5 SSD deals, and Black Friday Xbox controller deals will hopefully be pretty great this year.

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