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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Animated Spawn Could Be Returning
After 10 years of legal issues there could be a new Spawn animated series, creator Todd McFarlane tells . "Arguably, January 2 I can go into Hollywood and start knocking on doors," he says. “We developed another 85-minute, movie-length storyline, but things got complicated near the end and there were some legal issues, so it got frozen because of that." Of the new animated project he reveals, “The characters are designed, the background is there, and we've even done the voice recording.”

Past Life Cut Short
Past Life, the Fox show about investigators who solve mysteries by looking into their clients' past lives, has been cut from a 13-episode run to just seven episodes. Planned as a mid season replacement, its sudden half-life has been caused by an overstuffed schedule, according to Variety . "Due to the return of American Idol, 24 and our other midseason programming in January, as well as the back order of Glee, we have a wealth of material for midseason and can only accommodate seven episodes of Past Life on our schedule," the net said in a statement.

Film Of The Century
Variety reports that The Gotham Group is has picked up the rights to the film version of Edizioni Piemme's book series Century. The story follows the challenges of four teens and their families as they search for four ancient objects of power each connected to fire, earth, air and water.