Thursday Link-A-Mania

T4 Will Break FX Barriers Again, Says McG
Terminator Salvation director McG says on the movie’s production blog that he feels the pressure to break FX boundaries with the film in the way that the first two Terminator movies did: “We wrapped principal photography… Our focus is on story and character, but it's fun diving into the world of visual effects. It feels like the responsibility of any Terminator film to reinvent the wheel of effects with every outing. Charlie Gibson is aware of his responsibility as the VFX supervisor and second unit director of this film. He works with ILM and Asylum every day and makes revisions to the finest detail. We want the patina of the machines to be dirty and heavy and perfectly realistic - that's why we built so much practically with Stan Winston. But at some point the effects kick in and like any Terminator fan, Charlie wants his mind blown. There's one sequence in particular where we're trying to achieve something that's never been done before. I don't want to talk about it because we haven't been successful yet...”

Gaiman Escapes Black Hole
Neil Gaiman tells MTV’s Splash Page that he and co-writer Roger Avery dropped out of a project the bring Charles Burns’ Black Hole graphic novel to the big screen when David Fincher took over as director: “Once they got David Fincher on, David explained his process consisted of having over ten drafts, done over and over, and Roger and I were sort of asked if we wanted to, if we were interested in doing that. And we definitely weren’t.”