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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Michel Gondry to direct Philip K Dick movie; Men In Black III ; Xerxes ; Superhero Samson; Poe

Alice Eve Joins Men In Black III
She’s Out Of My League actress Alice Eve has joined the cast of Men In Black III , according to Deadline . She will be playing a younger version of Emma Thompson’s character, the current head of the Men In Black agency, back in 1969 when she Olivia was just a secretary (there’s a bit of a time travel vibe going on, y’see).

Guy Ritchie Never Offered Xerxes , Claims Warners
A spokesman for Warner Bros has told Entertainment Weekly that despite stories doing the sounds on the net yesterday, Guy Ritchie has never been offered the directing job on 300 sequel Xerxes , calling the report, “an erroneous error”. The film has yet to be officially given the green light.

Samson The Superhero
According to PopcornBiz , The Fighter screenwriter Scott Silver’s next project is a sci-fi retelling of the strong guy Samson myth. “I’m finishing up something completely different, a superhero movie set in the future for Warner Brothers. It's an original superhero,” he says, describing how the idea came about when it looked like The Fighter wasn’t going to get made. “At some point when the movie fell apart – we had Brad Pitt attached and we couldn't get it made – I was like, 'I literally have the cliché of having a script that can't get made with Brad Pitt… I have to do something that people want to get made.’ So this producer, Erwin Stoff, and Francis Lawrence and I came up with a superhero based sort of on Samson set in the future. It’s an original superhero and we were fortunate enough to sell it to Warner Brothers. I am a comic book guy. I did some work on the first Wolverine . I love comic books and in some ways – because studios are making fewer dramas – there are a lot of dramatic elements and themes that you can get away with in a superhero movie, like Chris Nolan did in Batman , that you couldn’t get away with in any other movie. You can do dramatic stuff if it’s dealing with all superhero stuff, and that’s what I wanted to try to do.”

Kevin McNally Joins Poe
Kevin McNally has been cast in NBC’s new TV series Poe, which reimagines Edgar Allan Poe as the world’s first private detective, reports Deadline . McNally will play the tough and authoritative Commissioner Kyle Kilpatrick. We assume they mean the British Kevin McNally (star of many a BBC sitcom and recently seen on the big screen in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies) and not the US actor Kevin McNally (who had his scene cut from Catch Me If You Can ).