The Boys fans are calling for Soldier Boy to get his own spin-off after Gen V cameo

Gen V
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Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for the latest episode of Gen V. Proceed with caution. 

After it was revealed in the Gen V episode 6 trailer, Soldier Boy has made his triumphant return to our screens. Jensen Ackles' very problematic Supe had a cameo in the latest episode of The Boys spin-off, and fans are loving it.

We won’t get too deeply into spoiler territory here about what happens in the cameo, but it’s fair to say Soldier Boy’s return is unexpected. This is especially the case after everything that went down in The Boys season 3 finale when Homelander’s dad was put back on ice. 

Now the cameo has aired, viewers have been sharing their thoughts on Twitter. "Jensen definitely knows how to deliver those lines," wrote one. "Thanks for making me laugh out loud.” Another agreed, adding: "Such a hilarious scene. Couldn’t stop laughing. Jensen brings his A game, totally made for the role."

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"Soldier Boy wasn’t holding back on them he was chaotic in the whole scene," wrote a third, while a fourth simply added: "Soldier Boy is so funny sorry." Others have even shared how much they hope it sparks a Soldier Boy spin-off too, going straight to The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke with the plea

"This is SO good! I’m cackling," tweeted another. "@therealKripke I’m begging ya! PLEASE do a spin-off with Soldier Boy! The world would f*cking LOVE it!" They were echoed by another user who added: "Come on @therealKripke - he needs his own spin-off. Please."

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