Gen V episode 6 trailer confirms a major cameo from The Boys character

Gen V
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Gen V episode 6 will feature the return of a major character from The Boys. A trailer for the upcoming episode confirmed that Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy is making a dramatic comeback, as well as some more drama on the horizon.

Tacked on at the end of the latest episode on Prime Video, the hugely powerful Supe appears briefly saying, "surprise" with a wink. Now, we did know that Ackles was appearing in the show thanks to a behind the scenes look at him back in costume, but the details around the cameo are still largely under wraps.

This is especially intriguing as The Boys season 3 ended with Soldier Boy put into cryogenic stasis after a huge face-off against Homelander. His return here seemingly indicates he’s made it out from that, somehow, and with help from a mysterious someone. 

Gen V

(Image credit: Prime Video)

As for what he’s up to, it does seem like he’s in the same wooded location as the other college-age Supes in this trailer. At another point in the preview, this looks to be where Marie, Jordan, Andre, and Dusty are as they turn around to look at something.

This all being said, we wouldn’t be hugely surprised if Soldier Boy’s cameo turns out to be a flashback of some kind, as we’ve been fooled before...

Meanwhile, the preview for episode 6 promises a lot of fallout from the big twist that Cate was behind the blackouts. "If we do this," Marie mysteriously says, "then there’s no going back." It also seems like Cate may be in grave danger from using her powers so much.

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