Gen V just revealed what’s happening with Homelander in a The Boys Easter egg

Anthony Starr in The Boys
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The Boys spin-off Gen V might be following a completely different story to the main series as we meet a bunch of college-age Supes navigating frat parties and superpowers, but there’s plenty of nods to the main season.

In the second episode of the new Prime Video series, one such Easter egg actually gives us a huge insight into a potential The Boys season 4 storyline. Although, make sure you’ve seen the episodes before reading any further as we’re getting into spoiler-territory from here on out. 

After the first episode’s shocking death, we see a few snippets of news reports on the television around halfway through the second outing of Gen V. One contains a look at Victoria Neuman’s campaign, while another shows Homelander alongside the caption, "Homelander on trial?" While we don’t hear the full report, the voiceover begins by saying, "After brutally murdering an innocent protester..." before it cuts out.

This is the only tease we get about this story, but it is a very interesting development following on from the events of The Boys season 3 ending. You might recall that after Homelander took Ryan away from Billy Butcher, he introduced him to the world outside Vought Tower. However, Antony Starr’s terrifying Supe took a very pointed dislike to a protestor that called him a fascist and threw something at his son. 

In front of the entire crowd, he laser-beamed their head off in a bloody show of his power. His adoring fans cheered on the act, but it’s interesting to see that maybe wider public opinion did not feel the same way.

If he’s going to be put on trial for the murder, this is a very interesting new direction for The Boys. So far, Homelander has gotten away with every terrible crime he’s committed, and he felt like he was untouchable in the eyes of the law. Could his luck be about to change?

Gen V is airing weekly on Prime Video. For what else to watch, check out our guides to the best Amazon shows and the best Amazon movies.

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