A major Gen V character had a secret cameo in The Boys season 3

Gen V
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Gen V expands the world of The Boys into college as a new generation of Supes deal with the consequences of Vought’s experiments. However, while focusing on a different bunch of characters, it seems the two shows may be more interlinked than viewers realized. 

Not only are there a number of The Boys cast cameoing in Gen V (Victoria Neuman and Soldier Boy have been confirmed), but it seems like it has worked the other way around too. In The Boys season 3 episode 2, Marie Moreau made a very brief appearance. 

The Supe, who’s able to turn her blood into blades, can be seen on a computer screen when Hughie is visiting a group home for super-powered children. At one point, the teacher is searching for something on the computer and you can see "Marie M" on the screen with a picture of her at age 17.

The first episode of Gen V gives us some context about why exactly she was in the home too. We know she accidentally killed her parents when her powers manifested after she got her first period. With no control over them, she brutally killed her mum and dad, leaving only her little sister alive.

This is the first Gen V cameo we’ve spotted in The Boys, but there have been a few nods already to the main series in the spin-off. In episode 2, we get a glimpse of what Homelander might be up to, a shot of Neuman campaigning, and in episode 3 we see a brief video from The Deep. 

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