Gen V may have introduced a Supe that can take down Homelander

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Billy Butcher and The Boys have been trying to take Homelander for several seasons now, to no avail. But one theory suggests that Gen V may have the answer: Sam Riordan (played by Asa Germann).

The Supe is Golden Boy’s (RIP) brother who we saw rescued from The Woods earlier this season. He’s not only hugely powerful, but he has very little control over his abilities, making him especially dangerous. He has super-strength and invulnerability, as well as – intriguingly – apparently being even stronger than his brother.

This has led some fans of The Boys to wonder if he may be a huge threat in this world going forwards. One speculated: "After watching the latest episode of Gen V I noticed just how strong Sam really is with even characters saying he was 'stronger than Golden Boy' while he does not have as many abilities as Homelander, do you think he could become a real threat?"

It’s an intriguing idea, as so far it’s only been Solider Boy who’s been able to come close to Homelander’s laser-powered strength. Could Sam’s powers be enough to take him down? Well as you might imagine, this has caused a lively discussion among fans of The Boys…

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Agreeing, one wrote: "I'm guessing Sam has way more powers than we expect. Someone suggested elsewhere that he may end up being The Boys version of Legion, which, if so, he could easily scale to the level of Homelander." Another speculated that we may have only scratched the surface with his powers: "We haven't really seen Sam's powers yet. It doesn't make sense for him to be described as ‘stronger than Golden Boy’ if we have." Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Looks almost as strong as Soldier Boy or even Maeve so I say yes if he gets proper training."

Other fans strongly disagree though, pointing out that Homelander is unmatched. "I don’t think so," replied another fan. "For instance, the reason Soldier Boy was so dangerous to Homelander was because even though Homelander had stronger powers, he didn’t soldier training the way Soldier Boy did. Sam has zero combat experience and issues with hallucinations. I think Homelander could either outsmart him or catch him when he’s hallucinating and vulnerable." A second agreed, pointing out: "No, he couldn't budge Jordan's male form. He has no chance against Homelander."

In the meantime, Homelander is seemingly dealing with some issues of his own. Namely, it seems he might be facing trial after his shenanigans at Vought Tower, which could be a major issue in The Boys season 4.

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