Pokemon Sword and Shield Thunder Stone evolutions: How to evolve Charjabug, Pikachu, and Eevee

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The Pokemon Sword and Shield Thunder Stone is a key item for evolving certain Pokemon, so it's well worth finding. It'll work its magic on specific Electric-type Pokemon found in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including the game’s usual mascot and electric mouse phenom, Pikachu. Read on to learn how exactly you can get your hands on a Pokemon Sword and Shield Thunderstone and how to evolve Pikachu, Charjabug, and Eevee with it.

How to find the Thunder Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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For a quick route to the Thunder Stone, get yourself over to the Lake of Outrage in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area. Once you’re there, look out on the left for a body of water full of Gyarados and other creatures. There should be a Watt Trader on the shore, and you can most likely see a spot on the other side with some rocks jutting out. Pick up the Rotom Bike upgrade on Route 9 then return here to cross the water and you’ll find an evolutionary stone under every base of the rocks in this stone circle. One of them will most likely be a Thunder Stone, but if not these stones do respawn.

Eager beavers can also head to the North Lake Miloch quadrant of the Wild Area where you’ll find a hill south of the bridge with a Pokeball nestled in the grass. Pick it up for an easy Thunder Stone!

There’s also your good friends in the Digging Duo who knock about in the Bridge Field part of the Wild Area. Trade them some Watts and they’ll get to excavating, hopefully unearthing the stone that you’re looking for!

How to use the Thunder Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Thunder Stone captured, open up the bag and then the ‘Other Items’ menu to use it on one of the Pokemon listed below. Do make sure that you don’t make the Pokemon hold it, as this won’t have any effect. 

Any Pikachu (Route 4, Stony Wilderness) you catch in the wild – not the one you can be given if you've played Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu – can evolve into Raichu with a Thunder Stone. Charjabug (Wild Area) evolves from Grubbin (Slumbering Weald, Wild Area) and can evolve into Vikavolt. If you've picked up an Eevee on Route 4, you can also use a Thunder Stone to get yourself a Jolteon.

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