Pokemon Sword and Shield Water Stone evolutions: How to evolve Lombre, Shellder, and Eevee

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If you enjoy a spot of fishing in the Wild Area, you may be on the lookout for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Water Stone so you can evolve your aquatic friends. The Water Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield is an evolutionary item that you can acquire to upgrade certain Pokemon and create the ultimate water-based team. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to find the Water Stone, how to use it and how to evolve Shellder, Lombre, and Eevee.

How to get a Water Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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To get a Water Stone without too much trouble, you want to head to the Lake of Outrage in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area. You’ll see a body of water next to one of the Watt Traders. To cross it you’ll need the Rotom Bike you receive during Route 9, around the time you earn your sixth gym badge. Cross the water and you’ll find a stone circle with evolutionary stones under each rock. Pick them all up and no doubt one of them will be a Water Stone. If not, the stones respawn here eventually, so come back after making some progress.

There’s also a Water Stone hiding in the Bridge Field section of the Wild Area. Cross the bridge east of Motostoke and proceed until you see a pocket of grass and behind it a raid den in between a brick wall and a stone rock. You’ll see the Pokeball sitting there.

You can also find a Water Stone by asking the Digging Duo nearby in Bridge Field to excavate it for you. You can pay for their services in Watts, but what they find is completely random, so cross your fingers. 

How evolve Lombre, Shellder, and Eevee in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Now you’ve grabbed a Water Stone, open up the old bag menu and select the ‘Other Items’ tab. From there, use it on one of the Pokemon listed below to evolve them into their final fishy form. Don’t make them hold it, that won’t amount to anything.

Lombre (Route 5, Wild Area) is the evolution of Lotad (Route 2, Wild Area) and can be evolved into Ludicolo with a Water Stone. Shellder on the other hand is exclusive to the Wild Area and can evolve into Cloyster with a Water Stone. Finally, if you catch yourself an Eevee on Route 4, you can evolve it into Vaporeon with one.

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