How to get the Pokemon Sword and Shield Destiny Knot and how it works

Pokemon Sword and Shield Destiny Knot
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Knowing how to get the Pokemon Sword and Shield Destiny Knot and how to use it is literal end game content, but vital if you want to breed more powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Getting one gives you more control of breeding your Pokemon and, as a result, lets you create more powerful creatures. But getting one involves first finishing the game and then taking on the Battle Tower multiple times to earn what you need to buy it. And then you still need to find the right person to actually buy it from. Fortunately we can help you with everything you need to understand how to get the Pokemon Sword and Shield Destiny Knot, so read on. 

How to get the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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The quickest route to a Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sword and Shield is to first beat the game. I know, I know, it takes a while, but really you’ll only want to battle properly once your Pokemon are strong enough, and by the end of the game they certainly will be!

Once you’ve become the champion, head to the Battle Tower and earn 10 Battle Points by fighting there with your best team. Once that has been completed, simply head to Hammerlocke and to the Pokemon Center in town. To the right of the Pokemart will be a female trader you can talk to. She’ll let you exchange Battle Points for a variety of replenishable items, one of which being the Destiny Knot. 

If a friend has a bunch of Battle Points and doesn’t mind buying one, attaching it to a Pokemon and sending it over, that could work too!

How to use the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Oval Charm

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Now the normal effect of the Destiny Knot is that it makes other Pokemon infatuated when you hold it, but we’re not here for that. Really, the point of the Destiny Knot is that in the Pokemon Nursery it means that Poke Parents can pass down 5 Individual Values to their offspring, which determine stats in the child. If you’re into your Pokemon breeding and all the maths and tomfoolery that comes with it, this will mean important things to you. 

You want to create a Pokemon that has maximum Individual Values, so by ensuring both of its parents (who you will have bred to have the best values) are holding a Destiny Knot, you’ll make sure that the child is the best Pokemon it can be, and the most powerful in battle. It’s a little confusing and it’s worth researching more if interested, but that’s the shorthand. If you want to get into competitive breeding or just improve your main team, it’s well worth grabbing a Destiny Knot or two.

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