Pokemon Sword and Shield Oval Charm and how to use it

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The Pokemon Sword and Shield Oval Charm is essential for any players breeding eggs, as this powerful item is used to boost your chances of finding an egg at the Pokemon Nursery whenever you leave critters there in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Whether you're looking for shiny Pokemon, to complete your Pokedex or just breed up a contender with the best possible stats, egg-production is vital, so we'll show you how to get the Oval Charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield and how to use it to breed Pokemon quicker.

How to get the Oval Charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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First you’ll have to beat the entirety of Pokemon Sword and Shield and become champion of Galar before you can pick up the Oval Charm. Once you’ve managed that, head to the building next to the Pokemon Center in Circhester. Within you’ll find a number of NPCs that are actually based on Game Freak developers. The one you’re looking for is a police officer in a hotel room who is the stand-in for Shigeki Morimoto, a veteran Pokemon dev. 

Now, be warned, as Morimoto doesn’t play nice. He has a team of level 65 ‘mons who will wipe the floor with your team if you’re not prepared, so put your best creatures forward. Once you topple him, he’ll hand over the Oval Charm and you can put it to use making your breeding system even more efficient… you monster!

How to use the Oval Charm in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Oval Charm

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Unlike many of the other items in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Oval Charm doesn’t need to be held or used to benefit from its use. It is simply a passive buff that will apply to your chance to find an egg when you approach a nursery and have two of your ‘mons inside. It’s incredibly handy if you’re shiny hunting and if you’re in the end game with a powerful team, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take this battle and help yourself when it comes to completing the Pokedex.

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