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Pokemon Sword and Shield Shiny Stone evolutions: How to evolve Minccino, Roselia, and Togetic

(Image credit: Nintendo)

This evolution sounds like a glorious thing for a magpie to behold, but the Pokemon Sword and Shield Shiny Stone isn't just about good looks. This glimmering stone will let you evolve certain Pokemon who may have made their way into your crew during your Pokemon Sword and Shield campaign to become the champion of Galar. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to get a Shiny Stone and how to evolve Minccino, Roselia, and Togetic with it.

How to get a Shiny Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The best way to grab a Shiny Stone is to head to the Lake of Outrage in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area. You can get here once you grab the Rotom Bike upgrade on Route 9 that lets you cross bodies of water. Up and to the left is a pool with Gyarados and a Watt Trader on the shore. In the distance, you should see a little outcrop with some stones jutting out. Ride over there and under each stone base will be an evolutionary stone. If you’re lucky, one of them will be a Shiny Stone. If not, they do respawn eventually.

Besides that, you can also head to Route 8 and climb the ladder nearby after your scrap with Doctor Joanna. The Shiny Stone will be at the end of this path!

As always you could try your luck with the Digging Duo in the Bridge Field quadrant of the Wild Area. Slip them a stack of Watts and they’ll excavate some stones for you. With any luck, one of them will be shiny. 

How to evolve Minccino, Roselia, and Togetic in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Now that the Shiny Stone is safe in your inventory, open up the menu, head to the bag and then the ‘Other Items’ tab to use it on any of the Pokemon we have listed below. Make a note that if you accidentally make a Pokemon hold it, they won’t level up as you want them to.

When you've got your hands on a Minccino (Route 5, numerous Wild Area regions), you can evolve it into a Cinccino by using a Shiny Stone on it. Roselia (Wild Area) evolves from Budew (Route 4 and Wild Area), and evolves into Roserade through the use of a Shiny Stone. Finally, evolve a Togepi (Bridge Field) into Togetic (Stony Wilderness) and you can use a Shiny Stone to evolve it one further into Togekiss.

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