Pokemon Go Rayquaza counters - weaknesses, movesets, and how to beat it in raids

Pokemon Go Rayquaza counters
(Image credit: Niantic)

Taking on the king of the skies needs the best Pokemon Go Rayquaza counters if you're heading into a raid to try and catch them. Pokemon Go's Rayquaza is a strong raid boss and you'll want to maximize your chances in a fight and finally catch him. This dragon type flying Pokemon might look fearsome but with some clever choices you can make beating him somewhat easier. So without further ado, lets take a look at the best Pokemon Go Rayquaza counters for raids, along with its weaknesses and movesets.

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Pokemon Go Rayquaza counters

Pokemon Go Rayquaza counters

(Image credit: Niantic)
Rayquaza Key Info

Type: Dragon/Flying
Weaknesses: Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Rock
Resistances: Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, Grass
Boosted Weather: Windy
100% IVs: 2191 (L20) / 2739 (L25)

Thanks to Ice-type attacks dealing 4x damage, you'll want to fill out your Pokemon Go Rayquaza counters with as many Ice-type Pokemon as possible, essentially. Moves like Avalanche, Powder Snow, and Frost Breath will all do a lot of the heavy lifting here, though if you don't have enough strong Ice-type Pokemon for that, Fairy and Rock-types will also do the job. Dragon-types aren't recommended, simply because they'll take double damage from any Dragon-type moves Rayquaza is packing. Here are the best Pokemon Go Rayquaza counters, with the recommended movesets for each Pokemon.

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PokemonFast MoveCharged Move
MamoswinePowder SnowAvalanche
GlaceonFrost BreathAvalanche
WeavileIce ShardAvalanche
MewtwoPsycho CutIce Beam
JynxFrost BreathAvalanche
ArticunoFrost BreathIce Beam
CloysterFrost BreathAvalanche
RegiceFrost BreathBlizzard
WalreinFrost BreathBlizzard
LaprasFrost BreathIce Beam

Pokemon Go Rayquaza moveset

Pokemon Go Rayquaza counters

(Image credit: Niantic)
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Fast MovesCharged Moves
Dragon Tail (Dragon)Outrage (Dragon)
Air Slash (Flying)Aerial Ace (Flying)
Row 2 - Cell 0 Ancient Power (Rock)

Rayquaza only has five possible moves, two fast and three charged, spanning three possible types. Outrage is the most devastating move to come up against thanks to the raw damage output it can deal, especially to other Dragon-type Pokemon. Ice-types, as you'd expect, are the best at dealing with it but it can still prove to be a problem if your Pokemon Go Rayquaza counters aren't strong enough.

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