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Pokemon Go Battle League Season 2: All the details on the next season

Pokemon Go Battle League
(Image credit: Niantic)

We've made it through the first season of the Pokemon Go Battle League and as a result, we're now onto Season 2. Season 2 of the Battle League in Pokemon Go features some changes, including the introduction of the Premier Cup, and we've got all the details right here. Participating in the Pokemon Go Battle League Season 2 can lead to some excellent rewards including rare Pokemon, so make sure you're caught up on all the specifics.

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Pokemon Go Battle League Season 2 start and end dates

Pokemon Go Battle League

(Image credit: Pokemon Go)

Just like the first season, Season 2 of the Battle League will rotate through the three leagues. 1pm PDT/4pm EDT/9pm BST is the time for all dates mentioned below.

  • Great League (Pokemon up to 1,500 CP): Friday, May 1 — Monday, June 1
  • Ultra League (Pokemon up to 2,500 CP): Monday, June 1 — Monday, June 22
  • Master League (no limit on CP): Monday, June 22 — Monday, July 6
  • All three leagues: Monday, July 6 – Monday, July 13

On Monday, July 13, Season 3 of the Pokemon Go Battle League will begin.

Pokemon Go Battle League Premier Cup

The Premier Cup is new with Season 2 and will run alongside the Master League from June 15-July 6. There's no limit on combat power for your Pokemon, however legendary and mythical Pokemon are prohibited. So put your Giratina and Mewtwo away and whip out your strongest standard Pokemon, because this format means you can't rely on the overpowered pocket monsters.

The Premier Cup format will essentially play out in the same fashion as the league, "including the way ranks and ratings are determined" according to the official blog post. There's no word on any unique Premier Cup rewards yet, but we'll update this when we find out more.

How to enter the Pokemon Go Battle League

Pokemon Go Battle League

(Image credit: Pokemon Go)

In order to enter the Pokemon Go Battle League, you first need to ensure you've reached level 10 in-game. Until this point, you likely won't have Pokemon that can hold their own anyway, so this level gate is there to prevent you from being completely swept aside when you jump in.

Usually, when the world isn't in an almost global lockdown amidst the current pandemic, there's an entry requirement. To participate in the Battle League, you need to have walked at least 3km that day. Due to the current circumstances however, this has been removed, so you can play as much as you like from home.

Now to actually play in the Battle League, tap on the Poke Ball icon on the main screen then go to Battle in the top-right hand corner. From there, you can decide whether you want to compete in the Basic or Premium tier list – more on what that entails below. There's also the Party screen, which allows you to customise your chosen squad to battle with.

Pokemon Go Battle League rewards

Pokemon Go Battle League

(Image credit: Pokemon Go)

Climbing the ranks in the Battle League will net you some neat rewards including golden razz berries, evolution items, and TMs. You can also encounter some rare Pokemon, the following of which are confirmed:

  • Stunfisk: Rank 4 onwards
  • Rufflet: Rank 8 onwards
  • Scraggy: Rank 9 onwards

Reaching rank 10 will net you a new avatar pose, avatar items inspired by Steven Stone (a Pokemon League Champion of the Hoenn region) and Pikachu Libre, while finishing at rank 7 or higher will grant you an Elite Fast TM and avatar items inspired by Pikachu Libre. If you only play once or twice, finishing at rank 1 will at least earn you a Metagross.

So what're you waiting for? Check out the following three guides for advice on what Pokemon to use in each league and start ranking up:

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