Pokemon Go Entei counters: How to beat Entei and catch a shiny

Pokemon Go Entei counters
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The best Pokemon Go Entei counters will be a huge help if you're taking on this fiery legendary dog in a raid right now. This fire type Pokemon can be a tough opponent in Pokemon Go, especially if you don't use the right counters to take him down. Coming up we'll cover their strengths (FIRE) and the best pokemon you can use to make taking them down just that little bit easier. Basically briong some water types, or maybe some Earth if you want to make life just that little bit easier. Whatever you pick it's always best to bring some friends to help - that is what PoGO is all about - but the most important thing overall is having the best Pokemon Go Entei counters.

Pokemon Go Entei moveset

Pokemon Go Entei counters

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Entei Key Info

Type: Fire
Weaknesses: Water, Rock, Ground
Resistances: Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel
Boosted Weather: Sunny
100% IVs: 1984 (L20) / 2480 (L25)

As expected, Entei's moveset is almost entirely Fire-type. Thankfully, almost all of the Entei counters listed below will resist most of Entei's moves – the only outlier is Iron Head, which is resisted by other Steel-type Pokemon, along with Water, Fire, and Electric-types.

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Fast MovesCharged Moves
Fire SpinOverheat
Fire FangFire Blast
Row 2 - Cell 0 Flamethrower
Row 3 - Cell 0 Iron Head
Row 4 - Cell 0 Flame Charge

Pokemon Go Entei counters

Pokemon Go Entei counters

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Entei is solely Fire-type, so even if you're not familiar with basic Pokemon type matchups, you'll be aware that Water-type Pokemon are one of the best counters to anything Fire-based. On top of that, Rock and Ground-type attacks will also deal double damage to Entei, so below we've got 20 of the best counters along with the optimal moveset for each one.

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Mega BlastoiseWater Gun/Hydro Cannon
RampardosSmack Down/Rock Slide
KyogreWaterfall/Hydro Pump
RhyperiorMud Slap/Rock Wrecker
GarchompMud Shot/Earthquake
TerrakionSmack Down/Rock Slide
SwampertMud Shot/Hydro Cannon
LandorusRock Throw/Earth Cannon
GroudonMud Shot/Earthquake
FeraligatrWaterfall/Hydro Cannon
EmpoleonWaterfall/Hydro Cannon
PalkiaDragon Tail/Hydro Pump
TyranitarSmack Down/Stone Edge
GyaradosWaterfall/Hydro Pump
ExcadrillMud Slap/Earthquake
GigalithSmack Down/Rock Slide
AerodactylRock Throw/Rock Slide
FloatzelWater Gun/Hydro Pump

How to catch a shiny Entei

Pokemon Go Entei counters

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As with all legendary and mythical Pokemon raid encounters, when you get to the catch stage, there is a 5% chance (1 in 20) that the Pokemon will be shiny – provided the shiny version is available in the game. Entei's shiny variant is in Pokemon Go now, so for every Entei raid you complete, it could be a shiny catch encounter. It's worth noting that shiny legendaries from raids always have a 100% catch rate too, so don't waste any Golden Razz Berries if you do find a shiny; Pinap that bad boy and make sure you don't miss every ball!

Assemble a party with six of these Entei counters and with enough friends to help you out, defeating Entei should be a walk in the park. Good luck!

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