Pokemon Go Mewtwo counters – how to defeat Mewtwo in raids

Pokemon Go Mewtwo counters
(Image credit: Niantic)

They might be the strongest of the original 151 but the right Pokemon Go Mewtwo counters will help you beat them in raids fairly easily. Probably one of the most sought after pokemon in Pokemon Go, Mewtwo has had a sporadic history of availability, appearing first in ex-raids and often appearing in events. Events like the Pokemon GO Fest 2021 which will give you another changes to catch what was originally a failed experiment in Pokemon canon. If you want to add him to your Pokemon Go roster then we can help you with the best Pokemon Go Mewtwo counters for raid battles.

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Pokemon Go Mewtwo counters

Pokemon Go Mewtwo counters

(Image credit: Niantic)
Mewtwo Key Info

Type: Psychic
Weaknesses: Dark, Bug, Ghost
Resistances: Fighting, Psychic
Boosted Weather: Windy
100% IVs: 2387 (L20) / 2984 (L25)

Mewtwo isn't a complex Pokemon, despite its canonical background. It's purely a Psychic-type, which means that counters mainly come in the form of Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon, with a couple of Bug-types thrown in for good measure. You will need at least four or five highl-level trainers to take Mewtwo down reliably though, because it is a tough fight.

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PokemonBest Moveset
Mega GengarShadow Claw/Shadow Ball
Mega HoundoomSnarl/Foul Play
Giratina (Origin)Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball
DarkraiSnarl/Shadow Ball
ChandelureHex/Shadow Ball
MewtwoPsycho Cut/Shadow Ball
HydreigonBite/Dark Pulse
WeavileSnarl/Foul Play
GengarShadow Claw/Shadow Ball
Mega BeedrillBug Bite/X-Scissor
Mega BlastoiseBite/Hydro Cannon
BisharpSnarl/Dark Pulse
HoundoomSnarl/Foul Play
GenesectFury Cutter/X-Scissor

Pokemon Go Mewtwo moveset

Pokemon Go Mewtwo counters

(Image credit: Niantic)

Despite being a pure Psychic-type Pokemon, Mewtwo has a somewhat diverse moveset, with Fighting, Fire, Electric, and Ice-type charged moves available. As a result, it's impossible to predict exactly which Mewtwo counters will be the best for your specific raid – Dark-type Pokemon take double damage from Fighting-type moves but Ghost-type counters take half, for example. Here are all the possible moves Mewtwo can have.

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Fast MovesCharged Moves
Psycho CutPsychic
ConfusionFocus Blast
Row 2 - Cell 0 Thunderbolt
Row 3 - Cell 0 Ice Beam
Row 4 - Cell 0 Flamethrower

How to catch a shiny Mewtwo

Pokemon Go Mewtwo counters

(Image credit: Niantic)

Shiny Mewtwo has been in Pokemon Go for a while now and as a result, you have a 1/20 (5%) chance of encountering one after a successful raid. Shiny Mewtwo forgoes the purple in favour of pale green, making it one of the more distinctive shiny Pokemon in the game. If you are lucky enough to find a shiny Mewtwo, make sure you use a Pinap Berry instead of a Golden Razz, because the chance to catch it is 100% anyway.

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