Pokemon Go Raikou counters: How to beat Raikou and catch a shiny

Pokemon Go Raikou counters
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If you're after the best Pokemon go Raikou counters we can help you with this Electric-type legendary dog. While that might seem like it could make for some easy match ups, don't go rushing in there. Thanks to the incredibly wide range of options available in Pokemon Go, there are a few Pokemon you might not expect that can act as great Raikou counters in a raid. So if you're ready to bag one of these impressive specimens, here's all you need to know about Raikou counters in Pokemon Go, how to catch a shiny Raikou and possible Raikou movesets.

Pokemon Go Raikou moveset

Pokemon Go Raikou counters

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Raikou Key Info

Type: Electric
Weaknesses: Ground
Resistances: Electric, Steel, Flying
Boosted Weather: Rainy
100% IVs: 1972 (L20) / 2466 (L25)

Raikou's moveset is mostly Electric-type, as you'd expect, but there is one curveball in the mixer that can cause some problems. Ground-type Pokemon are the best to resist most of its moves, but since Shadow Ball is a Ghost-type move, avoid using Psychic or Ghost-type Pokemon and you should be fine.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Fast MovesCharged Moves
Thunder ShockThunder
Volt SwitchThunderbolt
Row 2 - Cell 0 Wild Charge
Row 3 - Cell 0 Shadow Ball

Pokemon Go Raikou counters

Pokemon Go Raikou counters

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The best Raikou counters in Pokemon Go are all fairly straightforward. Electric-type Pokemon are only weak to Ground-type moves, so you can forget about basically any other type in this raid. Thankfully, if you've been playing Pokemon Go for a while, chances are you've got an abundance of Rhyperiors and Golems to do the business.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
PokemonFast Move/Charged Move
ExcadrillMud Shot/Earthquake
GarchompMud Shot/Earthquake
GroudonMud Shot/Earthquake
LandorusMud Shot/Earth Power
FlygonMud Shot/Earth Power

How to catch a shiny Raikou in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go shiny Raikou

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As is the case with all legendary raids (when the shiny form is in the game), there is a 5% chance that the catch encounter will be shiny. This is the equivalent of 1/20, which are much better odds than the usual chance of finding a shiny, which is approximately 1/450. Unfortunately, this doesn't guarantee a shiny within 20 Raikou encounters, but it's quite likely. If you do encounter a shiny Raikou after your raid, it has a 100% catch rate, so pop a Pinap Berry for extra candies and make sure you don't miss with all of your balls.

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