Mass Effect fever, revolting rodents and guest appearances on the telly, it’s been another eventful week in the office

SFX Towers is buzzing with excitement. No, it isn’t because Ben Browder’s been cast in a cowboy episode of Doctor Who ; it’s because issue 220 has docked in all its shiny Star Trek -laden glory (don’t look at it straight on for risk of being blinded by lens flare)! Joss Whedon also chats exclusively to us about The Aveng … sorry, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble , director Gary Ross talks The Hunger Games and there’s 20 Things We Love about the mighty Fringe

It’s out in shops now, but if the physical newsstand is letting you down, you can also grab a digital copy from Apple’s Newsstand , download it from Zinio or subscribe and get a sexy coverline-free version delivered to your door every month, for less money. Can’t argue with that.

But that’s enough about that magazine thing, let’s talk about us! Dave B and Jon are still in their secret bunker but will be returning very soon, presumably having discovered the lost city of Atlantis or something. Dave G meanwhile is starting to wonder if there’s some kind of sandwich-conspiracy against him, as the sandwich lady/man never turns up on the rare occasions he’s forgotten to bring a packed lunch. Hmm ... scratches chin .

As well as the usual newsy fun, Rich is halfway through a two-day marathon of meetings, and is coming to the end of his (ahem) extensive training regime for this Sunday's Bath half marathon (nice segue, eh?) – his first venture into the world of distance running. Not seeming too crazy an idea right now, but come Saturday he might be questioning his sanity. Rich was also on the BBC News Channel on Sunday lunchtime, talking about late, great Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie.

Ian is staring down the barrel of a frankly terrifying pre-copy deadline to-do list. Only the thought of watching some more Community tonight is keeping him going – yes, he finally cracked under the weight of peer pressure and got the season one box set, and is now completely hooked! Tonight, it’s time for the paintball episode which everyone says is the most amazing piece of TV comedy ever. Unfortunately, before he can settle down to that he’ll have a revolting errand to endure, after a mouse died in a bag full of his wife’s beloved soft toys - does anyone know how to get the rancid stink of a decomposed corpse out of a Pikachu?

Chillis, garlic, onion, peppers, carrot, courgette, chickpeas, sweetcorn, kidney beans, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken and bacon... that was what Russell cooked himself last night in a wok - "and it was delicious!" Watching the extremely gory The Deadly Spawn for review afterwards almost saw it all come back up, though...

Rob has been gradually recovering from the bout of Game Of Thrones mania that struck him like a broadsword in the face last week, primarily by reading comics, listening to Thin Lizzy more than is strictly necessary and frying steaks. He's also been cooking up some extremely weird ideas for Mugged Off and wondering if Marvel’s Avengers Assembled will really be as good as it looks.

Jordan has also been recovering, but from something a little less metaphorical than a broadsword to the face – a foot infection! Don’t worry folks, he’s back to full health now. In fact he was grateful for being ordered to keep his feet up for 48 hours when hero of the hour Nick hand-delivered a copy of Mass Effect 3 to him a full week before release! Most fortuitously-timed foot infection ever. He’s now finished ME3 after putting in a whopping 38 hours in four days (the madman) and is talking to anyone that will listen about it (spoiler free - natch), much to the confusion of those in the office who have never heard of Asari, Reapers or the Genophage. He also whole-heartedly agrees with our review , and recommends you go read it.

Ade had a great time in London last week and whilst in town popped into the Duke of York (not the pub, but the theatre) to see Eve Myles in her new play All New People , also starring Zach Braff. If you get a chance then book a ticket, because it’s a very funny production, and of course our Welsh Wonder was on top form as usual.

Random Quote Of The Week: “I had a dream last night that you were gay.”

Whose T-shirt? ( last fortnight ’s answer: it was Jordan’s t-shirt!)

Jordan Farley

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