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Issue 201 is on shelves, issue 202 is at the printers and issue 203… well you’ll have to read to find out

Another month, another shiny new issue off to the printers, and as always not without a few last minute obstacles to overcome, but even production editor Russell’s absence for the first couple of days this week couldn’t knock us off course. In fact, despite the dire straits we were in two weeks ago the magazine went off a day earlier than last issue. Still about fours hours late mind, but what’s a few minutes between friends?

To celebrate, the team painted the town red on Tuesday, which might explain why the office was curiously quiet on Wednesday morning. Even early bird Dave G was nowhere to be seen until “normal” office hours. We also have another reason to celebrate because this week we flew past 10,000 followers on Twitter – hooray for our Twitter army! Global domination just became one step closer. We’re not resting on our laurels, however, as this week social networking gets 5000% better as we bring semi-regular, but universally adored, magazine feature Couch Potato to Twitsville. You can find all the details here , join us!

Speaking of Couch Potato, the team had a good old chortle yesterday afternoon looking at the latest batch of pictures from the session held at Russell’s pad recently. The common theme throughout: cereal. Confused? It'll all make sense when issue 203 hits shelves on 17 November.

The highlight of Ian’s week thus far has been a very enjoyable hour-and-a-quarter chat with the inimitable Katy Manning (aka Doctor Who ’s Jo Grant), who proved not only to be very funny and infectiously enthusiastic, but also very sharp. And yes, we did talk about the nudey pics in Girls Illustrated (don’t worry, this link IS safe for work – you’ll see)...

Rich and Catherine, meanwhile, have seen the best film of the year. It’s 25 years old, but Back To The Future will not be beaten. The great thing is, Rich was even spotting stuff he’d never seen before. Otherwise, he’s also working his little socks off building the news for 203 and loving We Love Sci-Fi. Nick has returned from his holiday full of beans – or rather, strange olive-shaped chocolate things which he brought back for the team, but no-one seems to like except Jon and Jordan. They’re not complaining.

The Tube strike may have postponed his trip but Jordan finally made it down to the London Film Museum on Tuesday for a sneaky peek at the astonishing Alien Anthology Blu-ray. If that wasn’t geeky enough he almost lost his composure wandering around the museum’s collection of props and costumes from the film, including a full-size Alien queen, pulse rifle and facehugger. He’ll have a full report tomorrow, or maybe later today – we like to keep you on your toes.


Random quote of the week: “I had a bottle thrown at me once. They thought I was the lesbian I was living with at the time.”

Whose t-shirt? (Last week’s answer: it was Rich’s shirt!)

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.