New issue! Superman cupcakes! SFX on the radio! It’s been an eventful week in (and out of) SFX Towers

FROM THE OFFICE may be more than a little biased, but it’s a cracker with a world exclusive Torchwood: Miracle Day feature, Fannish Inquisition with Pegg and Frost (did your question make the cut?), news on the new Thundercats and a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen written by Sarah Jane Adventures writer Phil Ford. Read the full preview online now or pop to the shops and buy it or buy a digital copy and magic it to your monitor as fast as the interwebs will allow.

Last weekend the two Daves, Jordan, Rob and Official Xbox Magazine Editor Jon Hicks took to the stage at London Expo for a panel/Q&A on how to break into the tricky world of Sci-fi and magazine journalism. All went well, suspiciously well in fact. We’re convinced one of the team must have made a deal with a crossroads demon somewhere along the way. While the rest of the panel retreated to the pub for a much deserved pint, Jordan nipped to the press room for a chat with Futurama voice actors Billy West, Maurice LaMarche and Phil LaMarr. Fun as it was to witness Billy West having a three way conversation with himself as Fry, Farnsworth and Zoidberg Jordan’s mind was elsewhere – specifically the Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3DS demo units downstairs. He queued for 40 minutes in the morning (after a two and a half hour journey from his front door to the Excel Centre) to play 10 minutes of a level he’s played at least half a dozen times on the N64/Gamecube/Wii and still managed to feel all weak at the knees. June 17 can’t come soon enough.

Speaking of queuing, last night Dave G, Rich and Jordan spent 20 minutes in line at the local cinema in Bath for X-Men: First Class tickets (pesky half term) – their verdict? A resounding thumbs up, even if Banshee and (furry) Beast were a bit naff. As if a trip to the cinema wasn’t enough fun for one day, yesterday the team collectively descended on a local pizza parlour for a leisurely lunch. Anyone would think it wasn’t deadline week. Eep!

Russell returned to the radio for the first time in 15 years (he used to do football reports on Capital Radio, you know!) when he was interviewed about Daleks by Ian Collings on TalkSport on Tuesday. All went well – our man predicted that the pepperpots wouldn’t be off our screens for long and would certainly be back in time for the 50th anniversary – although the conversation did get off to a rocky start when there was some disagreement over whether 2013 was two years away or one year away. Listen again here from just before the 47 minute mark.

Talking of Who, there’s been near pitched battles in the office as to who gets the “A Good Man Goes To War”. Russell, who’s reviewing it, won and watched it (twice) last night. His verdict? Well, he’s torn between four and a half and five stars...

Nick made Fearne Cotton go "Wow!" yesterday. No, calm yourselves, ladies - he simply had his X-Men First Class review quoted on the jock-poppet's Radio 1 show (read it for yourselves here ). He hasn't felt this thrilled since he had his name read out on Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart's Junior Choice in 1756. He also hosted a Western themed Couch Potato at the Fortress of Setchitude last week. He's spent the last couple of days writing it all up while listening to non-stop Ennio Morricone soundtracks. We've noticed that he's started to squint. And desperately needs a shave. And as for the poncho... And look, he really shouldn't be shooting people, even if they are lowdown dirty varmints and godless sons of coyotes. Nick was also deeply touched when his friend Helen rose to his challenge to make Superman-themed cupcakes as cool as the ones he saw in Smallville the other week. See elsewhere on this page for photographic proof. Naturally it's the only proof that's left...

A night spent in the company of Psychoville has left Rob scarred and wondering if the silent singer is going to appear in the office (the second series ends brilliantly, by the way). A big box of Game Of Thrones goodies from HBO was a nice treat, although the undoubted highlight of the week was a sneak preview of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 1969 . So, so cool...

Ade has given up smoking for the good of the empire and is currently sat in the corner of the SFX office with “Bio Hazard” yellow tape around his desk. And finally congratulations to erstwhile production editor Simon Withers, who is getting married this weekend. The two Daves are ushers, and tonight is the stag do. It could get messy.


Random Quote Of The Week : "I think it's quite creative to invent a whole new lewd hand signal."

Whose bag? (Last week's answer: they were Rob (tin cans) and Jordan's (i-ear) headphones!)

Jordan Farley

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