Friday News Link-A-Mania

Doctor Who on the Big Screen
But not as a movie, yet, alas. Digital Spy is reporting that the BBC is launching a new cinema trailer for Doctor Who season four today. The 90-second trailer will be shown before new films like Cloverfield and Rambo at Odeon, Cineworld and Empire cinemas. This follows the big screen trailers for "Voyage of the Damned" last December. If you get to see it, be sure to post on our forum to let us know what it's like.

Sanctuary to Become "Real" TV Series
Sci Fi has given the greenlight to 13 episodes of Sanctuary, the Amanda Tapping-starring show which began life as a series downloadable webisodes from the net, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The show – in which Tapping plays Dr Helen Magnus, a woman on a quest to track down, aid and protect strange creatures that walk the Earth – features live actors against virtual, CG backgrounds. It's written and created by Damian Kindler and Martin Wood, and produced by Sam Egan, all Stargate stalwarts.

Hellboy 2 Feels the Pinch
Director Guillermo del Toro tells Sci Fi Wire that making Hellboy 2 was a struggle, because while it's a more ambitious film, he had less time and less money to play with. "You have a budget and you say, 'How can I make it much bigger?' Even if you don't have the money. So that's a little problem. And then in this one we didn't have the money and we didn't have much time, so it was twice as stressful," explains the director. has also posted a new Hellboy 2 set visit. No wonder del Toro was pushed for time – he spent all his time nattering to journos.

Want a Body like Wolverine's?
Now you can, thanks to the personal trainer who helped bulk up Hugh Jackman for the new X-Men spin-off movie. On Health – an Australian site – Michael Ryan explains the regime through which he put the actor. "Hugh's weight has actually dropped over 4 kilograms since we began training for Wolverine," he explains. "However we use a body scanning machine that has proven we have only lost .3 of a kilogram of muscle through that weight loss period so it is predominantly body fat that has gone. Initially we concentrated on building muscle and there was a significant increase in muscle mass so we're happy with the results." So no-one's gonna kick sand in Wolverine's face now.

Heroes Star Produces Rom Com
Greg Grunberg – the mind-reading cop in Heroes – is producing a romantic comedy movie called Group Sex, according to Digital Spy .

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