Friday Link-A-Mania

The script is based on the John Carter books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and visually the series is always linked with the iconic cover art of Frank Frazetta. But Morris promises a whole new visual approach: “Everything that's been out there has been an attempt to kind of capture this Deco-esque [Frank] Frazetta vision of John Carter, which I think feels old and stale. And where Stanton is going--from what we've seen so far--is very different than that. And I think that the people who really love the essence of the books will really dig it, but so will audiences in general."

Justice League Still Go?
The actor earmarked to play Batman in the stalled Justice League movie, Armie Hammer, tells E! Online that he’s still hopeful the film will get made, that he’s been fitted for his batsuit, and that his codpiece is bigger than Christian Bale’s.

I Will Be A Legend
Variety reports that a prequel to I Am Legend is in the pipeline. Oh goodie.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Vid Clips
Courtesy of Entertainament Tonight and The Insider .