Friday Link-a-Mania

Sequels, scores and more, including X-Men: First Class news and a video from The Hobbit . It's your rapid-fire news blast

First Class Writing reveal that Simon Kiberg will be writing the - currently unnamed - second instalment of the X-Men: First Class series . His previous writing credits don’t go far from the X-Men world with his penning of X3: The Last Stand . Does that fill you with dread or glee? Depends how you felt about the last of the trilogy, we suppose. He's no stranger to the world of First Class , though, having been a producer on the first movie.

Once Upon A Time On Another Time According to ABC’s Once Upon A Time has been ordered for a full-season . After starting strongly (it’s become the network's best Sunday-night show in three years) it's maintained its momentum - its second episode gained an audience of 11.6 million. That’s better than Saturday’s X-Factor .

GaBoom-ing Great Last year in the magazine we told you about GaBoom, a peer-to-peer videogame swapping site started by a 21-year-old student. Kudos to her, it’s attracted loads of users and has now re-launched with new functionality and new URL. The swapping process has been simplified with the inclusion of Booms the site’s own currency (100 booms = £1).

The Sequel Of The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes… …will star Andy Serkis doing his performance acting thing. It’s no surprise really given his long list of credits and awards in the area. It's been revealed (again by the team at that he's signed a seven figure deal to reprise the role of Caesar .

The Avengers Theme Tune Latest The news was let slip a few weeks ago by his wife but it has now been officially announced by that Alan Silvestri has been confirmed to score The Avengers . SFX 's own Dave Golder has been campaigning for The Avengers theme tune to be as good as John Williams's Superman or Danny Elfman's Batman And Robin . Now hopefully Silvestri, the man responsible for Captain America 's score as well as The A-Team , is up for the job.

Bargain Wars! For a limited time only there's a discount on our Star Wars: The Unofficial DVD Viewer's Guide ebook. That's right, we've dropped this fantastic moment-by-moment trivia guide to all six Star Wars movies to a ridiculously low price this week. It's only £1.99 at the moment - to your Kindles at once!

SCI-FI-LONDON Looking For Submissions Short film submissions for the 2012 SCI-FI-LONDON film festival are open. The annual festival is looking for both short films (up to 15 minutes long) and feature-length movies. A small submission fee has been introduced to help fund the festival but you can also submit through festival submission tool WithoutABox at a smaller charge. For more information go to .

Obligatory SFX Sci-Fi Quiz Plug Of The Day Got an iPhone or iPad? Think you know your science fiction and fantasy trivia? Then you should be playing our pub-quiz-in-your-pocket, the newly launched SFX Sci-Fi Quiz. It's the most fun you can have for 69p , probably.

Gateway Drug Of Thrones "The immensely popular A Game Of Thrones books are leading thousands into the desperate squalor of fantasy addiction , it has been claimed." Don't worry, it's a spoof news story from The Daily Mash, but our Rob identifies.

There And Back Again Finally, in a Link-A-Mania hat-trick for today, here's a new video from The Hobbit . The first part of the Tolkien adaptation is due to hit cinemas as a Christmas treat next year and filming is well underway. Peter Jackson has offered another video (it’s been nearly four months since the last!). It features behind-the-scenes footage from the soundstage and the use of 3D in the film; there’s also heavy amounts of dwarves and running with a promise of a next instalment on location.

Today's news by Jen Neal

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