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Play Forza 6, get your Gamertag painted onto a real car (oh and a trip to Australia)

It's almost as if Turn 10 want you start comparing and contrasting the real world and their high-fidelity drive-cars-fast game. In Forza Motorsport 6's Drive to Win competition, you race around the game's Bathurst track in the 2015 Xbox Racing #17 Ford Falcon FG X - for a chance to go to Bathurst to watch the 2015 Xbox Racing #17 Ford Falcon FG X in a race. What a head-trip.

In-game, you'll notice a Rivals event called ‘Forza Drive to Win/Xbox One Bathurst Challenge’ - simply complete the challenge by 11.59pm AEST on 29th September (that’s 6:55am PDT, 9:59am EDT, 2:59pm BST) and you'll be entered into a random draw to head to the Super Cheap Auto Bathurst 1000 on October 11-15.

2 winners from the US, 2 from the UK, one from New Zealand and 5 from Australia will get the chance to win $5,000 (US) and, in a very game-y way, have their Gamertag added to the very car they were digitally racing to get to the event. Just so you know, if you win and are struggling for a +1, I'll totally go with you. I'm delightful company, and I'll clean your shoes.

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