Fortnite Road Trip Challenges up to 2 weeks: how to the get the loading screens and find hidden Battle Stars

Fortnite Season 5 has seen the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges redesigned to feature Free Challenges in addition to the regularly weekly challenges, and the Blockbuster Challenges from Season 4 have now been replaced by Fortnite Road Trip Challenges. The Road Trip Challenges work in the same way - for every week in which you complete all seven of the Battle Pass Challenges, you'll unlock a Road Trip Challenge. This awards you with a new loading screen, and if you look closely at that image you'll discover the secret location of some bonus hidden Battle Stars. This bonus will only appear once you've completed the Road Trip Challenge it relates to, so don't just head to the location and expect to find them without making the effort first.

Fortnite Road Trip Challenges rewards

If you manage to complete all of the Battle Pass Challenges in seven different weeks, and therefore all seven Road Trip Challenges, you'll receive a sweet new character skin - but exactly what it is hasn't been revealed yet. All we know about this Mystery Item so far is that it's a legendary skin, and from the outline it looks like it could be a figure shrouded in a hood. You'll probably get a fancy new back bling to match with it as well, but unfortunately we'll have to wait until at least Week 7 of Season 5 to see who this new character is, unless someone manages to data mine it before then.


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden stars location - 2 Weeks

Fairway Fun

After completing Road Trip Challenges for two different weeks you'll receive this loading screen, showing the group having fun on Fortnite ATK vehicles. Given the activities taking place it's not hard to establish this next location is the Lazy Links golf course itself, so make your way there.

When you arrive in Lazy Links, you need to get onto the roof of the clubhouse building to the north of the main complex. Head to the top of the highest roof peak and the Road Trip Battle Stars will appear for collection.

Fortnite Road Trip Challenges hidden stars location - 1 Week

Road Trip

Complete the Road Trip Challenge for one week and you'll get this loading screen. Within it you'll find a not very subtle hint to the Road Trip Battle Star location in the form of a literal map. That directs you to the small excavation or quarry area shaped like an umbrella just to the west of what is now Lazy Links.

Head out to the area marked on the map and you'll find the Road Trip Battle Stars on this ledge to the side. REMEMBER: the stars will only appear if you've completed the first Road Trip Challenge, so don't go getting any ideas about popping over there to see if you can steal them without earning them.

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