Where to find the Fortnite expedition outpost locations - Season 7 Week 7 challenges

Earlier this season, players had to earn three kills at Fortnite expedition outpost locations for a challenge. These plane spawn locations are the topic for this new Fortnite Season 7 challenge, as to complete it, you need to visit every single Fortnite expedition outpost.

There are seven Fortnite expedition outposts in total, spread out to different regions of the map. The great thing is that these expedition outposts are guaranteed to spawn a plane or three, so you can grab some loot then quickly fly away before anyone has a chance to shoot at you. Will they still be there as we head into Fortnite Season 8? We're not sure, but for now, here are all seven Fortnite expedition outposts.

Fortnite expedition outpost locations

  • On the mountain north-east of Pleasant Park
  • Between Lazy Links and Tomato Temple, on the west side of the river
  • On the hill west of Lonely Lodge
  • On the mountain in the very middle of the map, west of Dusty Divot
  • Between the two mountains east of Snobby Shores
  • On the mountain north of Happy Hamlet
  • Over the desert ridge west of Paradise Palms

If you still need to do the week four challenge to obtain kills at expedition outposts, this week would be a great time to kill two birds with one stone because a lot of players will be landing at them at the start of every game. For that challenge, you need to get three eliminations in total, but it’s easier said than done because each outpost only spawns one or two chests. If you don’t get a gun right at the start, your best bet is to jump in one of the Fortnite planes, head somewhere else to find a weapon then return with a vengeance. While completing this challenge, we found that players would often vamoose so obtaining kills was tough due to the lack of players there after the first few seconds of the game. We’d recommend getting some loot then camping the Fortnite expedition outposts into the late game for some unaware players to pass by later on.

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