Fortnite Discovery Challenges - all the hidden Battle Star and Banner locations from the loading screens

We've made it to Week 4 of Fortnite Season 8, which means we have now revealed four loading screens for the Fortnite Discovery Challenges, as long as you've managed to beat all of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for those weeks. If that statement has left you scratching your head, then let us explain things - for each week that you successfully clear all seven of the Battle Pass Challenges, you'll collect a new loading screen that hides a clue. For those who can find this secret detail and work out where on the map it's pointing, hidden Battle Stars or a Banner are waiting at that location for collection.

Remember that you must complete the Fortnite Discovery Challenges for the required number of weeks and get the particular loading screen before your reward will appear in that location, so if you try to follow this guide without working through the Weekly Challenges first then you're going to come up empty handed in your search for secret loot.

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Fortnite Discovery Challenges rewards

Epic have stuck with the change made last season for how rewards for the Discovery Challenges unlock. Rather than having to complete all of the Weekly Challenges for a set number of weeks to unlock the exclusive skin, you only have to complete 55 Weekly Challenges in total - which should make it simpler for players to earn the legendary outfit. If you manage to complete all of the Discovery Challenges for the full 10 weeks of this season, then the overall reward item of a Season 8 pirate banner will be yours.

 Fortnite Discovery Challenges Skin

As we said above, you can unlock the Discovery outfit by completing 55 of the Weekly Challenges in total. At this stage we don't know what this exclusive skin will look like, though from previous experience it's safe to expect that it will be Legendary and come with a matching back bling. It's also reasonable to assume that the skin will have a pirate theme, but until we get at least a few more weeks into Season 8 we won't know any more.

Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden banner location - 4 Weeks

All hail the Banana King! After four weeks of completed Discovery Challenges you'll collect this loading screen, showing Peely being carried aloft up the side of the volcano. This path is on the northeast side, so drop in over that side.

As you glide in on the northeast side of the volcano, keep Sunny Steps in the background and look for a winding path below you. Aim for the plinth with a burning torch on top, on a corner of the path.

Head down the path to the plinth by the edge, and the banner should pop up as you get close to it. Once you've grabbed it, you can hot-foot it down the side of the volcano to Sunny Steps or the other temples nearby.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden stars location - 3 Weeks

Beat the Discovery Challenges for three weeks and you'll unlock this loading screen, showing Sidewinder swiping a gold cobra statue while avoiding what may be the rumoured upcoming poison dart trap. You should recognise the background style as one of the Sunny Steps temples, so get started over there.

Directly south of the main Sunny Steps area, glide in and look towards the volcano and you should be able to spot this temple entrance nestled into the hills between some trees.

Approach the temple, then get onto the steps above the entrance by dropping down from on top or building up to them. Once you're up there, the hidden Battle Stars will pop up, so collect your reward then disappear into the jungle.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden banner location - 2 Weeks

For two weeks worth of Discovery Challenges you'll receive this loading screen, featuring a number of character emerging from a fiery cavern. If you've been exploring already, you may recognise this as the throne room hidden within the volcano, so make your way there.

To get inside the volcano, you'll need to glide over the flow of lava coming from the south side of it and through the opening into the cavern.

Once inside, move around the edge to avoid the updraft and you'll see the throne near a wall of lava - to the left hand side as you face it is the area the banner will appear in once you approach it.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden stars location - 1 Week

Complete the Discovery Challenge for one week and this loading screen is yours, showing new pirate character Blackheart riding the giant galleon moored in Lazy Lagoon. Examine the buildings over their shoulder in the background and you'll see a hidden Battle Star sat on the roof of a tower, so make your way to Lazy Lagoon so we can get started.

As you glide in over the lagoon and the galleon, aim for the cluster of buildings on the east side.

Land on top of the tall tower in the middle of those buildings and the hidden Battle Stars will appear - snap them up then head into the houses below to gather some supplies.

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