Fortnite Discovery Challenges - Ruin skin revealed and all the hidden Battle Star and Banner locations from the loading screens

The Fortnite Discovery Challenges are now over, but we have a new guide for the Fortnite Utopia Challenges in Season 9.

Week 10 of Fortnite Season 8 is here, which means we now know what all of the Fortnite Discovery Challenges loading screens look like for those who've beaten every one of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges. Made it this far and are still scratching your head? Then this is what you need to know - for each week in which you complete all seven of the Battle Pass Challenges, you'll receive a fresh loading screen that includes a hidden clue. Solve this to work out the location the clue is indicating, then make your way to that part of the island and claim some hidden Battle Stars or a Banner as your reward.

Remember that you must complete the Fortnite Discovery Challenges for the necessary number of weeks and receive the particular loading screen before your reward will appear in that location, so if you try to follow this guide without working through the Weekly Challenges first then you're going to come up empty handed in your search for hidden loot.

Want to know how the Fortnite Reboot Vans work? We've got all the details in our video below:

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Fortnite Discovery Challenges rewards

Epic have stuck with the change made last season for how rewards for the Discovery Challenges unlock. Rather than having to complete all of the Weekly Challenges for a set number of weeks to unlock the exclusive skin, you only have to complete 55 Weekly Challenges in total - which should make it simpler for players to earn the legendary outfit. If you manage to complete all of the Discovery Challenges for the full 10 weeks of this season, then the overall reward item of a Season 8 pirate banner will be yours.

 Fortnite Discovery Challenges Skin - Ruin

As we said previously, you can unlock the Discovery outfit by completing 55 of the Weekly Challenges in total. You reward for this is The Ruin skin shown above, which is of Legendary rarity and comes with an additional set of Fortnite Ruin Challenges to complete as follows:

  • Destroy trees (50)
  • Destroy rocks (35)
  • Destroy cars, trucks, or RVs (20)
  • Deal damage to opponent structures (10,000)
  • Outlast Opponents (1,000)
  • Complete Daily Challenges (5)

By working your way through these Fortnite Ruin Challenges you can unlock additional items to complement the Ruin skin - beating three of the challenges will earn the Legendary rarity Dying Light back bling, and clearing all six of them will also get you the Rare Dread harvesting tool. Don't worry about rushing to complete these challenges before Season 8 finishes, as they will roll over into next season as long as you've unlocked the Ruin skin in time.

Jump to Week:

Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden banner location - 10 Weeks

The final loading screen, if you've managed to complete all ten weeks of the Discovery Challenges, centres around the mysterious object under Loot Lake. Don't be distracted by the yellow shape on the right - that's just Peely, not a Battle Star - and instead turn your attention to the truck on the left of the image as this has a banner hovering above it. To begin, get yourself over to Loot Lake.

As you glide in over Loot Lake, you want to aim for the area to the northwest of the exposed underground object.

In the loading screen a truck is pictured in this area with the banner on top - however, as of the start of Week 9 it isn't actually here yet. There are rumours that lots of events will be taking place at Loot Lake over the next couple of weeks, so expect the scenery to change and a truck to appear here in time for Week 10 and the final Fortnite Discovery Challenge.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden stars location - 9 Weeks

For finishing nine weeks of Discovery Challenges you'll receive this loading screen, showing Peely in a tricky predicament with a couple of chests and some lava. As with the seven weeks screen, we've enhanced the image to highlight a sketch in the middle of the background, which shows a Viking ship with a Battle Star floating above it. As we all know by now, there's a Viking ship atop the mountain just southeast of Snobby Shores, so go there.

It's not very difficult to spot the Viking ship hanging over the cliff overlooking the ice biome, between Snobby Shores and the frozen lake that was Greasy Grove.

Drop onto the deck of the Viking ship and you should spot the hidden Battle Star - the exact location is not super clear from the loading screen, so if it doesn't appear on the deck then build up to the sail or figurehead at the front to pinpoint its location.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden banner location - 8 Weeks

If you're really on top of things and beat eight weeks of Discovery Challenges then you'll collect this loading screen, featuring reward skin Ruin. Take a close look at the strands of lava flicking around them and you can make out four grid references spelled out - B6, B7, C6, C7. Those grid squares intersect on the frozen lake where Greasy Grove once stood, so make your way there.

As you approach over the frozen lake, you'll spot a large iceberg in the northwest corner of it, so land on top of that.

Once you're on it, aim for the middle where the grid squares cross over and the banner will appear for you to grab. Then get out of there, remembering your feet will free as soon as you hit the lake so be ready to slip-slide!


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden stars location - 7 Weeks

If you're motoring through the Discovery Challenges and beat seven weeks then this loading screen is yours, featuring Tier 100 character Luxe dropping onto a pile of treasure. We've brightened the image to reveal a sketch in the top left corner, showing the Battle Star hovering over a large rabbit - there's a wooden rabbit sculpture north of Snobby Shores, so head there.

It's pretty hard to miss the giant wooden rabbit sculpture, which sits on a raised hill between Snobby Shores and Haunted Hills on the west coast of the island.

Land on the rabbit's back and the hidden Battle Star should appear, so grab it and any nearby loot. There's a house at the bottom of the hill to the east that you can duck in to afterwards, where you should find some weapons and be able to plan where to go next.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden banner location - 6 Weeks

For six weeks of beaten Discovery Challenges you'll receive this loading screen, showing a heated battle for control of a key. Look closely at the end of the key and you'll spot four grid references etched into it - E2, E3, F2, F3. The intersection of those grid squares is on the northwest edge of Lazy Lagoon, so make that your next stop.

If you approach over the top of Lazy Lagoon, you'll see a shaded path heading out of the area to the northwest, just below one of the Fortnite pirate camps

Land on the path and look for a discoloured patch of grass to the edge of it level with a thin tree. When you reach this spot the banner will pop up for collection, then you can choose to return to the Lagoon or disappear into the jungle.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden stars location - 5 Weeks

Complete Discovery Challenges in five weeks and this loading screen will be added to your locker, showing the gloomy volcano and a character wielding what appears to be a new explosive bow and arrow. The lava runs from the south side of the volcano, so aim for there.

As you approach the volcano from the south, look for the ledge above the lowest lava fall with a set of shipping containers on top of it, then land on top of it. 

Once you're on this ledge, approach the lava flow and the hidden Battle Stars will appear as you get close to it. Grab them, then hot foot it (ho ho) off the side of the volcano.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden banner location - 4 Weeks

All hail the Banana King! After four weeks of completed Discovery Challenges you'll collect this loading screen, showing Peely being carried aloft up the side of the volcano. This path is on the northeast side, so drop in over that side.

As you glide in on the northeast side of the volcano, keep Sunny Steps in the background and look for a winding path below you. Aim for the plinth with a burning torch on top, on a corner of the path.

Head down the path to the plinth by the edge, and the banner should pop up as you get close to it. Once you've grabbed it, you can hot-foot it down the side of the volcano to Sunny Steps or the other temples nearby.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden stars location - 3 Weeks

Beat the Discovery Challenges for three weeks and you'll unlock this loading screen, showing Sidewinder swiping a gold cobra statue while avoiding what may be the rumoured upcoming poison dart trap. You should recognise the background style as one of the Sunny Steps temples, so get started over there.

Directly south of the main Sunny Steps area, glide in and look towards the volcano and you should be able to spot this temple entrance nestled into the hills between some trees.

Approach the temple, then get onto the steps above the entrance by dropping down from on top or building up to them. Once you're up there, the hidden Battle Stars will pop up, so collect your reward then disappear into the jungle.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden banner location - 2 Weeks

For two weeks worth of Discovery Challenges you'll receive this loading screen, featuring a number of character emerging from a fiery cavern. If you've been exploring already, you may recognise this as the throne room hidden within the volcano, so make your way there.

To get inside the volcano, you'll need to glide over the flow of lava coming from the south side of it and through the opening into the cavern.

Once inside, move around the edge to avoid the updraft and you'll see the throne near a wall of lava - to the left hand side as you face it is the area the banner will appear in once you approach it.


Fortnite Discovery Challenges hidden stars location - 1 Week

Complete the Discovery Challenge for one week and this loading screen is yours, showing new pirate character Blackheart riding the giant galleon moored in Lazy Lagoon. Examine the buildings over their shoulder in the background and you'll see a hidden Battle Star sat on the roof of a tower, so make your way to Lazy Lagoon so we can get started.

As you glide in over the lagoon and the galleon, aim for the cluster of buildings on the east side.

Land on top of the tall tower in the middle of those buildings and the hidden Battle Stars will appear - snap them up then head into the houses below to gather some supplies.

If you're looking for a decent chunk of loot, then check out where you can find a Fortnite gold chest.

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