Fortnite Utopia secret Battle Star locations from the loading screens

Fortnite Utopia Week 9 Loading Screen
(Image credit: Epic Games)

We've now made it to the end of Fortnite Season 9, which means you've not got long left to track down all of the Fortnite Utopia secret Battle Stars. We've got locations here for every secret Battle Star this season, which are hidden in the loading screens unlocked by completing all of the challenges in odd-numbered weeks. For even-numbered weeks there are a different set of rewards linked to the Fortnite Utopia loading screens, and these are included in the Fortnite Fortbytes challenges instead.

Remember, you'll need to have completed the requisite number of weeks' worth of Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges before the secret Battle Stars will appear in the locations we reveal in this guide, so don't waste your time going to them before you've put in the work otherwise you'll be returning empty-handed. 

Want to see what the biggest changes are in Fortnite Season 9? We've got them all laid out in our video below:

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Fortnite Utopia hidden Battle Stars location - 9 Weeks

Fortnite Utopia Week 9 Loading Screen

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Within the week 9 loading screen you'll find another Fortnite Utopia secret Battle Star, if you look close enough. Within the graffiti on the side of the skate bowl, you'll see a green car behind some ropes with the familiar Battle Star hovering over it, which we've highlighted in the image above. If this car isn't familiar to you, it's tucked away in Mega Mall, so make that your next port of call.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

When you reach the main shopping complex, head inside through the main northwest entrance and you'll see the roped off car straight ahead of you. As long as you've completed the required number of Utopia Challenges, ignore the security and jump on top of the vehicle to collect your reward.

Fortnite Utopia Week 9 Battle Star

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Fortnite Utopia hidden Battle Stars location - 7 Weeks

Fortnite Utopia Week 7 Battle Star

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This week there's a Fortnite Utopia secret Battle Star location hidden away in a week 7 loading screen. We've circled in red just in case you can't make it out. That's Pressure Plant obviously there so assuming you've completed challenges from any seven weeks, get ready to drop over the volcano: 

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once there you're looking for the fire escape like stairs left of the main wall at the front of the plant: 

Fortnite Utopia hidden Battle Stars location week 7 location

Assuming you have seven weeks worth of challenges ticked off you'll be able to grab the star and inch your Battle Pass tier ever higher. 

Fortnite Utopia hidden Battle Stars location - 5 Weeks

After getting through the Utopia Challenges for five weeks you'll receive this electrifying loading screen featuring one of the Slipstream fans. Look closely on the right hand side of the screen and you'll see some coordinates written around the edge of the fan - B2, B3, C2, C3. The intersection of those map grids is found by the ruined castle on the mountain east of Haunted Hills, so head in that direction.

If you approach the ruined castle from the east, towards the cliff with a wind turbine on top, then you might be able to pick out an exposed patch of dirt in the grass. If you're not gliding in, it's best to come in up the hill from the north, unless you have a chunk of mats to build up to it.

When you're on the cliff, head to the edge near the trees and the hidden Battle Stars will pop up on the bare patch of ground, so grab it and get an extra Tier on your Battle Pass. From here, the shack straight ahead is worth investigating for loot, and of course there's the actual ruined castle up on the mountain.

Fortnite Utopia Week 5 Battle Star


Fortnite Utopia hidden Battle Stars location - 3 Weeks

Finish three weeks of the Utopia Challenges and this loading screen will be yours, featuring the Doggo skin surrounded by various dog pets (and a sneaky cat in the background). Examine the graffiti on the wall and you'll see a Battle Star on top of a stack of vehicles - if you're not familiar with this sight, it can be found just south of Junk Junction, so drop in toward that point of interest.

It shouldn't be hard to spot the stack of vehicles on the road south of Junk Junction, and if you want to cut to the chase then you can land directly on the top overturned car. If you arrive on foot, you can easily climb to the top by jumping your way up from the truck cab side.

Once you're on top of the overturned car, the hidden Battle Stars will appear for you to collect and jump up another Battle Pass Tier. From here you should have access to plenty of loot in Junk Junction, before moving on to your next location.


Fortnite Utopia hidden Battle Stars location - 1 Week

Kick off the Utopia Challenges for one week and you'll receive this loading screen, showing a female Raptor skin blasting away on a minigun. Take a closer look at the side of the weapon and you'll see four coordinates scribbled on the side - I5, I6, J5, J6. This points to an area on the map just south of Lonely Lodge, so head there.

As you glide in, aim for the stretch of road that is directly west of the ruined mansion, and keep an eye out for a bare patch of ground in the grass.

Approach this patch in the grass and the hidden Battle Stars will appear, ready for you to grab before maybe paying a visit to the new Mega Mall location nearby.


Fortnite Utopia Challenges rewards

Epic have continued to mix things up with how the rewards for the Utopia Challenges are dished out. You still receive a new loading screen for each week of challenges you complete, but now only the odd numbered weeks have a Stage 2 challenge available to hunt down hidden Battle Stars. It's likely the loading screens from the even numbered weeks will link in to the Fortnite Fortbytes Challenges instead, and the exclusive Utopia skin is also linked to the Fortbytes rather than Weekly Challenges. There's still a Season 9 banner to be had, showing a blimp hovering over the neon city, if you manage to beat all the Utopia Challenges for the complete 10 weeks during this season.

Fortnite Utopia Challenges Skin

As discussed above, unlocking the Utopia outfit involves collecting 90 of the 100 Fortbytes rather than completing Utopia or Weekly Challenges. The reward for doing this is the as yet unnamed mystery Utopia skin, which is of Legendary rarity and will likely arrive with an extra set of challenges to beat that will then unlock additional styles.

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