Where is Fortbyte 13 found at a location hidden within Loading Screen #2?

There are now 100 Fortnite Fortbyte (opens in new tab) challenges to discover, which will unlock each day through Season 9. One that's already been found is the number 13 Fortbyte found at a location hidden within Loading Screen #2. While we haven't got the Week 2 loading screen just yet, the location of the Fortbyte can already be found. 

To find the Loading Screen Fortbyte 13 you'll have to head to Paradise Palms and look for those dinosaurs.

When you get to Paradise Palms look for the building by the side of the road. You'll have to head around behind that and look out of a lone portaloo hidden away behind it. As you approach you should see the prompt to collect Fortbyte 13 pop up. Unlike Fortbyte 36 Accessible by Sentinel on a Frozen Island (opens in new tab) you don't have to wear anything special to get it. 

If you want you can just collect the item then and there. Although if you want to see it, just give the portaloo a couple of firm taps with your pickaxe to reveal the Fortbyte underneath. Then collect it, to tick that particular challenge off. 

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