Where to find the Fortnite gold chests full of rare loot

There's a brand new way to get guaranteed end-game, high tier loot: Fortnite gold chests. Chests in Fortnite haven't changed much since the game launched, but now it seems like Epic is trying something new with rare Fortnite gold chests that guarantee at least one gold weapon every time you open one. But where are these wonderful boxes of loot and how do they work?

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What are Fortnite gold chests?

Fortnite gold chests are a new addition with Season 8, so don't be surprised if you haven't stumbled upon one before. They look different to other chests - although they sound exactly the same - and when you open one, you are guaranteed a gold weapon. They work exactly the same as supply crates, except they're available at the start of the game and their spawn is guaranteed. If you can be the first one to a gold chest in Fortnite then you'll be laughing, because you'll almost have an end-game loadout right there and then.

Where are the Fortnite gold chest locations?

Right now, there's only one gold chest in Fortnite Season 8. It's inside The Block, which is currently HellraiserGaming's block, north-west of Pleasant Park where the motel used to be. Head inside from the south and on the western side, you can find the gold chest on top of a bookcase.

One Epic employee confirmed on Reddit that these chests will only ever be available at The Block, which means there's no more to be found on the map. There's only one inside The Block right now but in future, there could be multiple. It means The Block is almost like a high tier loot zone from Apex Legends, except while the whereabouts won't change every game - the actual location will change every week with a new Block.

All we can say is that we're very fond of obtaining gold items right at the start of a match, especially since not many people know about it yet!

Check out our video for all the biggest changes introduced in Season 8:

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