Mindwipe Bunker Jonsey, Swamp Stalker or Human Bill in Fortnite

Fortnite mindwipe
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Fortnite wants to mindwipe Bunker Jonsey, Swamp Stalker or Human Bill for part of your week 8 quests, which could well lead to some awkward questions going forward. Things like 'who are you?' and 'who am I?'. It's all the fault of a mole that's been leaking secret alien invasion details to people who shouldn't know. And now you have to clean it all up. 

Obviously, you'll have to find one of these Fortnite characters first before you can mindwipe them for the Fortnite quests. Which is where our map will com in handy, helping you specifically locate Bunker Jonsey, Swamp Stalker or Human Bill, depending on where best to drop in a match. Or whichever one you dislike least, it's up to you. 

Fortnite Bunker Jonsey Swamp Stalker Human Bill locations

Fortnite mindwipe

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There's an odd spread to Bunker Jonsey, Swamp Stalker and Human Bill's location on the Fortnite map. Bunker Jonesy and Swamp Stalker are basically neighbors, while Human Bill is waaaay on the other side of the island minding his business and definitely doing very human things. You can find whichever one you're nearest to here: 

  1. Bunker Jonesy - Bunker Jonesy can be found wandering Lumber Lodge, which itself can be found southwest of Misty Meadows, right on the coast.
  2. Swamp Stalker - You'll find Swamp Stalker near her shack in Slurpy Swamp, on the south coast. She's usually wandering between the shack and her vegetable patch.
  3. Human Bill - Head to Steamy Stacks to find Human Bill and look for the building on northeast side where he should be inside maintaining a totally believable disguise.

Once you've picked an unfortunate target to mindwipe, out of Bunker Jonsey, Swamp Stalker or Human Bill, find them and interact with them to wipe their brains clean, leaving them squeaky clean and fresh faced to the ongoing alien invasion. You only have to wipe one of the characters minds clean too, so once you've done it once you can tick this one off and claim the 30K XP.

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