Fortnite Bioscanners - where to place them in an alien biome

Fortnite bioscanner
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Knowing where to place bioscanners in an alien biome in Fortnite is part of the week 9 quests and, an easy one to tick off once you know where to look. Especially as you only have to place one to tick of this particular task. Obviously the place to head for alien biomes is Fortnite is Holly Hatchery, so let's get over there now and look for the bioscanners we need to place in an alien biome in Fortnite. 

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Where to find an alien biome in Fortnite

fortnite alien biome

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The easiest place to find an alien biome is Holly Hatchery which is currently under control and hard to miss, with glowing alien biomes surrounding all the houses. These biomes have reduced gravity and enhanced floaty jumps making combat a wafty, odd experience. This is probably one of those locations you want to aim for after you've dropped as it's not the best for loot. Plus the weird gravity can make a fight disorientating and tricky even when you're well equipped. So drop in somewhere nearby, gear up and then head in to place a bioscanner. 

Where to place Fortnite alien bioscanners 

Fortnite bioscanner

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You can place a Fortnite alien bioscanner in each of the Holly Hatchery alien bioimes. Three are out in the open and easily exposed, so those should probably be ones that you try and aim for. Another is in a garage, which isn't the worst thing to try and get into but you might as well take the path of least resistance. 

Here's where to place place bioscanners in an alien biome in Fortnite: 

  1. In the garden on the north side by the alien tree.
  2. On the south side of the house just in-between the two factory shelf units.
  3. Just behind the garage door next to the orange shipping container.
  4. in the garden on the east side of the house by some more alien trees. 

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