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Cyber Monday TV deals: Last chance for a cheap LG, Sony, Samsung, or Vizio TV sale

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cyber monday tv deals

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1: All US deals
65+ inches (US)
   - 55-65 inches (US)
   - 43-55 inches (US)
All UK deals
65+ inches (UK)
   - 55-65 inches (UK)
   - 43-55 inches (UK)

This is it people, your final chance to grab one of the remaining Cyber Monday TV deals before prices shoot back up. Yes, you're late to the price drop party but all is not lost, we've found a few amazing deals that are still live, and they're just a quick scroll down away.

If you've already grabbed a new console (or are planning to in the next year) or just want to spend your holidays streaming movies and shows in the crispest possible 4K, we've collected the best TVs to suit any living space and any budget, all from trustworthy retailers. We've listed them by size, because when it comes to screens size really does matter, and you can find deals whether you're in the UK or the US. Just don't hang around, as these Cyber Monday TV deals could disappear any moment. 

When it comes to next-gen gaming, you're going to want to make sure you've got the ideal television within your price range. There are many, many options. For PS5, for instance, Sony has released a range of PS5-ready LED TVs that cost around the $1,000 mark. LG also has a few new OLED televisions that come with HMDI 2.1 capabilities, which you'll want that to maximise the potential of your new PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Don't forget to take a look at our Cyber Monday gaming deals roundup too. There are even plenty of Cyber Monday gaming laptops deals, the Cyber Monday gaming PC deals, and the PS5 Cyber Monday deals to get familiar with.

Cyber Monday TV deals - US

US Cyber Monday TV deals: 65-inches and up

US Cyber Monday TV deals: 55-65 inches

US Cyber Monday TV deals: 43-55 inches

Check out even more Cyber Monday TV deal options at the following stores:

Amazon | Dell | Best Buy | Walmart | Newegg

Cyber Monday TV deals - UK

UK Cyber Monday TV deals: 65-inches and up

UK Cyber Monday TV deals: 55-65 inches

UK Cyber Monday TV deals: 43-55 inches

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