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Cyber Monday hoverboard deals let you channel your inner Marty McFly for less


If you're looking for Cyber Monday hoverboard deals, there are plenty to find even with the big day itself drawing to a close. Technically called self-balancing scooters, hoverboards are those two-wheeled things that kids and the young at heart love for two reasons: 1) how fun they are to ride around, and 2) for how many blooper videos there are of people falling off them and crashing into their Christmas trees.

Seriously though, please do make sure to read up on the safety recommendations for these products before you pick one up for yourself or your loved ones! A little bit of research ahead of time will make for a much more fun and safe day once your new self-balancing scooter arrives.

Marty McFly would be proud to know just how fierce the competition for the hoverboard market is these days, and it means ample brands to sort through with a wide range of prices. Thankfully, the main thrust is the same for all of them: it's a battery-powered, wheeled board you stand on. Bending your ankles forward (like you're standing on your tippy toes) will make the board move forward as it keeps you balanced upright. You can steer by pointing your toes down further on one side or the other.

Other goodies, like light-up LED elements, carrying bags, and add-ons that convert your hoverboard into a seated go-kart, are also hot in demand - it's up to you to decide what kind of hoverboarding experience you're in for!

Cyber Monday hoverboard deals

Walmart hoverboard deals, starting at $79

Walmart hoverboard deals, starting at $79
Walmart comes in clutch with some extra affordable deals. The color choices are more limited at the lower end of the price spectrum, but you can find some really fantastic savings if you're not picky about the feature set beyond the basics.

Amazon hoverboard deals, starting at $98

Amazon hoverboard deals, starting at $98
Amazon delivers a huge selection of deals within budgets you'd expect, including a bunch of models with built-in LED headlights. You still shouldn't use them when it's dark out, though. 

Best Buy hoverboard deals, starting at $119.99

Best Buy hoverboard deals, starting at $119.99
Best Buy's selection isn't quite as vast as the other two, but on the other hand you can pick out many of them for curbside pickup. Christmas shopping without ever leaving your car sounds pretty good.

Don't forget to pick up some gifts for everybody to enjoy when they're catching their breath between hoverboard adventures. We've found a great selection of Cyber Monday gaming deals to level up your setup or collection, and even more Cyber Monday deals across all categories. 

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