Rockstar teases the grand opening of the GTA Online casino in Vinewood

GTA Online casino
Image credit: IBTimes
(Image credit: IBTimes)

UPDATE: After a week of speculation overlapping with E3 2019, Rockstar has officially confirmed that GTA Online will be opening up the doors of its infamous casino soon with a little neon-lit teaser. We don't have a release date for the update just yet, but it might be time to start saving up your cash now so you can go to town when Vinewood becomes a hotbed of high-stakes gambling and an even glitzier nightlife. We'll have to wait and see if Rockstar will add a new kind of casino-exclusive currency to avoid a microtransaction miasma, but we'll hopefully get full details soon enough.

Original story:

The GTA Online casino is an infamous building, solely because it's existed since the start of the game but has never once opened its doors. Numerous other buildings throughout GTA Online have welcomed players with open arms, but the casino has been kept firmly shut to prevent players from gambling away their hard-robbed cash. But that could potentially be changing very soon...

TezFunz2, a well-known GTA Online dataminer, has dived into the files and discovered evidence that the GTA Online casino will be opening its doors to players in the near future. Datamined information suggests there will be timed alterations to the casino exterior, followed by the doors eventually opening and players being allowed inside. Replies to the above tweet show that a few minor changes have already taken place, and there's an interior that can be seen now.

This news comes shortly after poker and other gambling games were added to Red Dead Online, stirring the pot since the game has microtransactions. Only gold bars can be bought with real money however, and gambling in that game uses dollars, which are a separate currency. For Rockstar to avoid uproar, it'll need to introduce a second currency to GTA Online that can't be bought with real money, which we haven't had any sign of yet. Only time will tell however, and it's likely that Red Dead Online's gambling was used to test the waters for GTA Online, which is their big time cash cow.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news on the GTA Online casino over the coming weeks, and cross your fingers someone has gotten rid of the cobwebs after the place was abandoned for so long.

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