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GTA Online patch notes: Franklin and Lamar are back for a new "weapon-heavy" co-op mode

GTA Online
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The latest batch of GTA Online patch notes details a brand new co-op mode starring the fan-favorite duo from GTA 5: Franklin and Lamar.

The new Adversary mode is called Double Down, and it puts one team of players into the shoes of Franklin and Lamar as they fight to defend their turf in close confines against an enemy team wielding a restricted arsenal. The team playing as Franklin and Lamar only have one life each, but both players are armed with a much bigger variety of weapons. The attackers, meanwhile, have infinite lives but can only use double-barrel shotguns.

Whichever side you end up on, both teams are earning triple the usual GTA$ and RP this week in Double Down mode, while jumping into a round will net you a lump sum of GTA$200K to be delivered within 72 hours. You'll also want to take advantage of double GTA$ and RP on The High Society Leak Finale and Payphone Hits, and triple GTA$ on Bodyguard/Associate Salaries through January 19.

The new GTA Online ride for this week is a two-wheeled speed demon called the Nagasaki Shinobi, which looks like the perfect getaway vehicle as long as you're skilled enough to drive it without crashing into a river.

Check out the complete list of changes via Rockstar's newswire

GTA Online

(Image credit: Rockstar)

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