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The GTA Online best weapons to add to your loadout

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Buying the GTA Online best weapons to fill out your inventory will really help you survive the streets of Los Santos. A good loadout and wide variety of upgraded guns will help you fight back against NPCs in missions, and players in PvP activities alike, to ensure you progress your criminal career. No one wants to find themselves losing because they're not packing the best gear there is in GTA Online, but there's a lot to consider when you're gearing up for any criminal activities. Take a look at our suggestions for the best GTA Online weapons and gather a loadout to keep yourself alive. 

Where to buy weapons in GTA Online

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Pop down to your local Ammu-Nation and you'll find a wide selection of weapons to choose from, but as you can only carry a handful you'll need to make sure you choose wisely. Different weapons are unlocked at different levels, so check out our guide on how to level up fast in GTA Online as well if you want to grab some fancy new guns that become available at higher ranks. Ammu-Nation also offers plenty of customization options for your weapons, including optics, attachments, and colorful skins, but these will cost some serious GTA$ to buy, resulting you paying much more than the original value of the gun, for just a few modifications.

Best weapon loadouts for player vs player gunfights

GTA Online best weapons

While there isn’t a single ‘best loadout’ that’s unanimously agreed upon by the community, there are a number of favorites that are good to aim for if you don’t know where to start. This loadout is best for taking on other players, but can be effective for missions as well:

  • MKII Heavy Revolver (Hollow Point rounds)
  • Combat MG MKII
  • Special Carbine (Drum Magazine)
  • Heavy Sniper MKII (Explosive Rounds)
  • Pump Shotgun MKII (Explosive Rounds)
  • Sticky Bomb

Be aware that this is a deadly setup, so be careful when approaching missions that don’t want you to hurt anyone. The Combat MG and Special Carbine should be your main weapons, with the others filling in more specialized roles.

Sticky and Sinister

GTA Online best weapons

There are a number of handheld, throwable explosives across Los Santos - some are great for bum rushing a building, while others are more effective during races. The Sticky Bomb is widely considered to be one of the top explosives, effective in gunfights and during missions, even if some look at it as overpowered. They are unlocked after achieving rank 19, and need to be detonated after throwing. If you're not at that rank yet, here's how to level up fast in GTA Online.

Pistol Whipped

GTA Online best weapons

The AP Pistol, unlocked at rank 33, is one of the most consistent weapons in the game. It’s powerful, accurate, and great for drive-bys. It does have alternatives, but most players end up sticking with it due to how effective it is - it can even take out a car in a handful of shots, something no pistol should be able to do. It’s been changed enough since release, but is still considered reliable.

Bread and Butter

GTA Online best weapons

The assault rifle is usually the most reliable, general-purpose gun in online shooters, and GTA Online has plenty of assault rifle-like options that offer versatility, power, and ease of use. We recommend the Advanced Rifle, unlocked at rank 70, or the Special Carbine, unlocked at rank 1. The Advanced Rifle is less accurate but deadly at short to medium range, while the Special Carbine is better for headshots. You’ll be relying a lot on your assault rifle until you find the weapon that feels best to you, and that’s why the Special Carbine is so widely recommended.

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