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Disgaea D2, Time and Eternity, Guided Fate Paradox coming to U.S.

NIS America's idiosyncratic selection of JRPGs will grow on North American PlayStation 3s this summer and fall with three unreleased titles. The American branch of Nippon Ichi Software plans to bring Disgaea Dimension 2 and Time and Eternity over in summer, with newly announced The Guided Fate Paradox slated for autumn.

Disgaea D2 brings the bizarre story of demonic conquest back to pint-sized prince Laharl, who has finally laid claim to the title of Overlord. Unfortunately, most of his "subjects" don't seem to give a hoot, so he, Etna, and Flonne will have to go through another campaign of turn-based strategy battles to assert his dominion.

JRPGs and anime often seem like two sides of the same coin. With Time and Eternity, developer Imageepoch is bridging the gap: the story of a time-manipulating bride and groom is portrayed entirely with drawn animation, from cinematics, to exploration, to battle--no polygonal character models or super deformed sprites here.

Quirky PSP roguelike ZHP: Unlosing Ranger Vs. Darkdeath Evilman finds its spiritual successor in Nippon Ichi's The Guided Fate Paradox. Players control a high-schooler who traverses the Copy World's randomly generated dungeons to help denizens of the real world, so it sounds like there's a bit of Persona in there, as well. Oh, also he's a demigod because he won a lottery at the mall.

Never change, Nippon Ichi.

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