Alienware Aurora R10 gaming PC prices and deals - get a Ryzen behemoth for less

Alienware Aurora Ryzen R10 review
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The latest and best Alienware Aurora R10 deals and prices are a fine way to get one of the best gaming PCs into your life - and one that has a delightful Ryzen-based edge. 

If you're a fan of Team Red's components as well as premium gaming machines then the Alienware Aurora R10 gaming PC is very worthy of your consideration. These PCs will incorporate the very latest in graphics cards and processors, and really are some of the best Alienware gaming PCs we've ever seen. They will always have at least an AMD processor, and then you can choose your configuration to have one of the same company's graphics cards, or go for one of Nvidia's latest and greatest instead.

You can find the quick link below to the R10 listings at Dell below, and there's some more info on the machines below to inform your decision and choice.

Kitted out with the latest additions to the best CPU for gaming - one of AMD's 5000 CPUs is inside every model on offer - and best graphics cards - from the top-of-the-line RTX cards from Nvidia to the RRX 6800 XT from AMD - the R10 is a quality range of gaming PC from Alienware, and one that deviates pleasantly from those that used to only harbor Intel processors along with Nvidia GPUs. 

Combining any choice of these components means the R10 is a blinder in performance and shaves a bit of premium off the price given AMD's value offerings. And while the aesthetic is still that distinctive shape and form - an acquired taste for many - there's no doubting the performance and power they pack. While the stock of all the graphics cards has been really poor since their respective releases, these R10 models are always in stock (seemingly) and allow you that route to next-gen PC gaming. And even if you can't stretch to a new shiny RTX card or RX 6800 card, but want to upgrade, or are after a 'lower powered' machine for someone or for something as well as gaming, then there are cheaper options available too - and you'll still get that Alienware premier quality.

If you've ever owned an Alienware PC then you'll likely be aware of the quality on offer - they really are some of the top contenders for best gaming PC and we put them top of that list, on the whole. While the target is usually to try and find a cheap Alienware laptop or PC, machines like the Alienware Aurora R10 gaming PC - and the new Alienware Aurora R12 gaming PC - are equally worthy of attention and offer great performance that can be tinkered with down the line. You can read more in our Alienware Aurora R10 review (though this unit did not feature this latest generation of components).

Below are the very latest prices our price-finding tech can pull from the internet, and underneath that is the lineup in a bit more detail.

Buy RTX 30-series Ryzen-powered Alienware gaming PCs now

Alienware Aurora R10 - RTX 3080 build | from $2714 at Dell

Alienware Aurora R10 - RTX 3080 build | from $2714 at Dell
Probably the most attractive of the bunch given the demand and desire for the RTX 3080 card, this configuration is hot stuff. And if you really want to go large, then the RTX 3090 builds start at a sizeable $4,723.59.....


Alienware Aurora R10 - RX 6800 XT build | from $2077 at Dell
Sticking to an all Team Red configuration thanks to that RX 6800 XT graphics card, this build will bag you AMD's new generation of graphics and gaming, and the starting price point is pretty decent given those shiny, beastly components within.

Alienware Aurora R10 - RTX 3060 Ti build | from $1783 at Dell

Alienware Aurora R10 - RTX 3060 Ti build | from $1783 at Dell
Offering some excellent value and still getting you into Nvidia's new generation of graphics card performance and features, this RTX 3060 Ti build will appeal to those who can't stretch massively but want to sneak into the new-gen from Team Green, while also retaining that AMD processor. Nice.

Alienware Aurora R10 - RX 5300 build | from $1058 at Dell

Alienware Aurora R10 - RX 5300 build | from $1058 at Dell
And bringing up the rear, so to speak, is this neat and tidy RX 5300 configuration. Still offering that Alienware quality, these machines will be a truly excellent starting point for someone's first (premium) gaming PC. If you were after an entry-level Nvidia build then there is a 1660 Super configuration that starts at $1087.

Dell Alienware sale prices deals

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