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Cheap Alienware laptops: the best prices and deals on Dell's leading gaming brand

Cheap Alienware laptops: find the best prices and deals on Alienware laptops today
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Looking for a cheap Alienware laptop deal might sound like an impossible task or a pure Oxymoron, given that there always has, and will be, a bit of a premium added to the name. However, much like cheap Razer laptops, it is very possible to find an Alienware laptop deal that offers great bang for buck value and enables you to get that exquisitely premium machine for a bit less than you thought it would do. Particularly during the Prime Day laptop deals.

The price of Alienware laptops does put a lot of people off but if you want a reliable, high-performance portable powerhouse, then Alienware should be one of your considered brands; Dell's gaming nutters are famous for their top-tier gaming machines, and the latest iteration of their machines are truly powerful, and beautiful, laptops. If any brand's products, at the premium end of the market particularly go a long way to justify their price tag then its Alienware machines: through accessibility, ease-of-use, sheer power, and smart design, they offer machines a step up from others. 

For those looking to get a snapshot view of the latest cheap Alienware laptop prices, here are the best deals going on the R3 m15 and m17 variants as found by our price-finding tech - these are your best bets for value and performance we'd say right now.

So, if you can stretch your budget to the Alienware range, you'll be in for a treat: there's always a variety of builds with different costs, allowing you to pick and choose what you want. For reference, the most expensive models are the Area 51m laptops - the 'R2' and 'R3' suffixes relate to the ages of the laptop in question, both being recent iterations.  Then we have the m17 and m15 machines, laptops that can vary greatly in power and build and likely where most will find their match. These have 'R4', 'R3', 'R2', and 'R1' iterations. The cheapest Alienware laptops will probably be the oldest ones right now: the R1 series. But that's not to say they're not worthy of attention - often the best cheap Alienware laptop deals can be found in this range, still featuring up-to-date builds and components.

Razer hardware

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Alienware laptop features

Alienware is pretty synonymous with the words 'premium' and 'expensive'. But that's for good reason: they use genuinely premium components, a premium design and build quality, and a premium feature set. And, as we all know, gaming premium doesn't necessarily come cheap - the prices go up but it is tied very closely to the quality you get and that's just the case with Alienware laptops.

With the newest models featuring the latest Intel processors - the 10th generation variants - Alienware's laptops cover all your high-end gaming needs in one supremely designed portable powerhouse. If you're looking for a ray-tracing monster that has the storage, RAM, and processor to back it up then you'll find a good match in Alienware. However, if you might prefer something high-end but without the fuss of ray-tracing - or to suit a more modest budget - then you can now find Alienware laptops built around the great GTX 1660Ti graphics cards, that will still get you an awesome machine, bursting at the seams with Alienware's quality and features. The built-in software for controlling your RGB setting and keypad is excellent, Alienware's displays are some of the best in the business, and the design of the latest models, in particular, is an excellent innovation in space, aesthetic and cooling. You'll get it all with a cheap Alienware laptop deal, and that's what our price finding tech will show below; the latest and lowest prices for the quality machines.

The latest cheap Alienware laptop prices

For clarity, the latest versions of the laptops are the R4 models, but these are really new so you may be lucky to only find small discounts on these bad boys, if at all. These will feature 11th-gen Intel processor's for example, to distinguish themselves from the R3 and R2 models which have the same design but different component sets. The oldest R1 models are easier to differentiate as their design is considerably different. Their age doesn't matter one iota though as you can still get great-specced, excellent value laptops from this range - sometimes they offer the very best value.

Spanning Alienware's multi-named range, these are the current best prices for some of the best Alienware laptops going right now, wherever you are. These prices update automatically so this is the best avenue to try and get a cheap Alienware laptop deal.

A quick UK-specific note on the R1s: you'll probably not find these models at retailers or Dell themselves over here so that listing below may, unfortunately, be a blank.

Cheap Alienware laptop prices right now - R4/2021 models

Cheap Alienware laptop prices right now - R3/2020 models

Cheap Alienware laptop prices right now - R2/2019 models

Cheap Alienware laptop prices right now - R1 models

The latest cheap non-Alienware laptops deals

Latest best non-Alienware laptop prices

While tempting and brilliant ones to aim for, we realize that Alienware's premium price point is just too high for many laptop hunters. However, do not fear as we know of a whole bunch of excellent gaming laptops that will bag you power and performance on a smaller budget.

These models are all from excellent manufacturers who have gaming pedigree and have released some of our non-Alienware favorites over the years. Below is our pick of the bunch of those that will offer somewhat of a similar level of performance - if you're looking for a real, absolute bargain then you'll need to browse our guide to the best gaming laptop deals that we scour the internet for regularly.

Gaming laptop retailers

US: Best Buy | Dell | Amazon | Newegg | B&H Photo | Adorama

UK: Amazon UK | Currys | Laptops Direct | Overclockers UK | Argos

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